Reader Photo Gallery

  • January 2017 thumbnail

    January 2017

    February 2nd 2017
    Many of your January photos were deer related, including an image of a cached deer carcass – probably a bobcat’s leftovers. A red fox posed… Read More »

  • December 2016 thumbnail

    December 2016

    January 5th 2017
    In your photographs, coyotes prowled, climbers ascended an icy summit, and snow buntings arrived on Christmas Day. Ice formations were also a popular subject this… Read More »

  • November 2016 thumbnail

    November 2016

    December 8th 2016
    Your November photos featured fog, hawks, and the month’s super moon. Bucks knocked antlers, a Virginia opossum scavenged for food scraps, and a flock of… Read More »

  • October 2016 thumbnail

    October 2016

    November 10th 2016
    Foliage and water were common October photo subjects. A bobcat passed by a game camera, milkweed seeds prepared to take to the air, and a… Read More »

  • September 2016 thumbnail

    September 2016

    October 21st 2016
    Your September photos revealed high-elevation leaf color and the woods in transition. Rattlesnake plantain, an evergreen orchid, gleamed against brown leaves, while an actual snake… Read More »

  • August 2016 thumbnail

    August 2016

    September 14th 2016
    In your August photos, a caterpillar transformed, chickadees and chipmunks dined à la main, and hints of autumn yellow appeared along the Maine coast. We’re… Read More »

  • July 2016 thumbnail

    July 2016

    August 5th 2016
    In your July photos, a blue heron took to the air, while a snake settled down for a supersized meal. Independence Day fireworks sparkled above… Read More »

  • June 2016 thumbnail

    June 2016

    July 7th 2016
    In your June photos, killdeer chicks hatched, young raccoons went on a morning adventure, and...what's that stone circle out in the woods? A squirrel met… Read More »

  • May 2016 thumbnail

    May 2016

    June 10th 2016
    From a den full of fox kits to fledgling owls, a common theme of your May photos was young life in the woods. Turtles basked,… Read More »

  • April 2016 thumbnail

    April 2016

    May 13th 2016
    Your April photos revealed a landscape full of new life. Loons nested, wildflowers bloomed, and a baby porcupine did its best to ignore the presence… Read More »

  • March 2016 thumbnail

    March 2016

    March 31st 2016
    Swarming stoneflies and salamanders! Your March photos revealed early harbingers of spring.  Maple sap flowed, woodcocks danced, and frost heaves popped up along the roads.… Read More »

  • February 2016 thumbnail

    February 2016

    March 3rd 2016
    Your February photos featured carnivore valentines - coyotes, foxes, and bobcats all paired up. Prayer flags glowed on a gray birch, a hermit warbler showed… Read More »

  • January 2016 thumbnail

    January 2016

    February 5th 2016
    Your January photos included a number of intriguing ice formations, including a rare look at pancake ice. A pink-footed goose flew in from Europe, a… Read More »

  • December 2015 thumbnail

    December 2015

    January 8th 2016
    Your December photographs reflected the unseasonably warm weather, with foggy scenes and open water. An ash-throated flycatcher made a rare appearance in Connecticut, a mink… Read More »

  • November 2015 thumbnail

    November 2015

    December 10th 2015
    In your November photos, a pileated woodpecker dined on grapes, a mink struck a pose, and oh no!, Mr. Bill turned into a cherry tree!… Read More »

  • October 2015 thumbnail

    October 2015

    November 12th 2015
    Many of your October photos captured quiet scenes: vivid fall color, early snows and sunset views. Meanwhile, the animal world seemed to enjoy the last… Read More »

  • September 2015 thumbnail

    September 2015

    October 15th 2015
    Your photos showed baby snapping turtles emerging from the mud, a heron snacking on a huge fish, and one very tired looking daddy cardinal. Maples… Read More »

  • August 2015 thumbnail

    August 2015

    September 4th 2015
    A common theme of your August photos was young birds, from a fierce looking rose-breasted grosbeak to four phoebe siblings sitting snug on a perch.… Read More »

  • July 2015 thumbnail

    July 2015

    August 6th 2015
    Your July photos revealed bears on the move, young birds just out of the nest, and mountain sandwort in bloom. Paper birch cake was on… Read More »

  • June 2015 thumbnail

    June 2015

    July 7th 2015
    This June was an exceptionally wet month in the Northeast, and many of your photos had a water theme. Love was in the air for… Read More »