Advertise in Northern Woodlands

Advertisers in Northern Woodlands benefit by our responsive, engaged readership. As the premier, award-winning publication concerned with the forests of the Northeast, we attract and retain readers who rely on our advertisements, as they do our editorial content, for goods and services throughout New York and New England.

Our print ads have staying power. Copies of Northern Woodlands get passed on to other readers and are ultimately archived for later use. A large number of our readers still have every copy of the magazine they’ve ever received! Members of our community purchase back issues – another opportunity for advertisers to be seen long after the issue quarter has come and gone.

Make a focused, quality selection for your business advertising. After reviewing our rates and specifications, Amy Peberdy, our Operations Manager, will be available to answer questions and to get you started!  Call (800) 290-5232 or email Amy.