Making a Donation

  • There are many ways you can support our efforts to inform, engage, and excite people about the forests of the Northeast, including gifts of cash, stock or other securities, volunteer time, in-kind services, or land.

    To make a cash donation, use the space below. You’ll have the option of either paying online via credit card or mailing in a check. (While the online credit card option may be the most convenient, it does mean that the various handling agencies will skim off between three and seven percent of the total.) Cash donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and will be acknowledged with a letter of thanks. Please indicate how you would like your name acknowledged in our donor recognitions, including whether you would like your gift listed as anonymous or in another person’s name.

    For more information about volunteering and other in-kind services, gifts of stock or other securities, and gifts of land, please contact Northern Woodlands at 1-800-290-5232 or send an email inquiry.

    Thank you very much for supporting our work!

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