Reader Photo Gallery

  • January 2019 thumbnail

    January 2019

    February 15th 2019
    Beaver dams, ice formations, and winter wildlife were common themes for January. A sun dog glowed in the Pennsylvania sky, and a mostly-white squirrel haunted… Read More »

  • December 2018 thumbnail

    December 2018

    January 4th 2019
    In your December photos, a young piebald deer encountered a mature buck, an otter crossed the snow at sunrise, and a horse and rider travelled… Read More »

  • November 2018 thumbnail

    November 2018

    December 7th 2018
    Your November images documented early winter snow, as well as artifacts of summer life, revealed now that the leaves have fallen.  Squirrels hoarded mushrooms, a… Read More »

  • October 2018 thumbnail

    October 2018

    November 9th 2018
    Peak foliage occurred at precisely 2 p.m. on Monday, October 8, and we have the photo to prove it. Your images reflected the shiftiness of… Read More »

  • September 2018 thumbnail

    September 2018

    October 12th 2018
    Your September photos revealed an abundance of fungus, from a toothy mane to a family-sized toadstool to a mushroom with Marilyn Monroe aspirations. Children fished,… Read More »

  • August 2018 thumbnail

    August 2018

    August 31st 2018
    Deer appeared in many of your August photos. In South Trescott, Maine, Nate Rosebrooks documented one month’s antler growth in the same young buck he… Read More »

  • July 2018 thumbnail

    July 2018

    August 3rd 2018
    Your July photos depicted summer in all of its rich color and life.  Flying insects were a frequent theme, including some spectacular images of giant… Read More »

  • June 2018 thumbnail

    June 2018

    July 6th 2018
    Nests and eggs were frequent subjects of your June images - turtles, birds, wasps, and even a fungus "nest" were pictured. A Canada jay surveyed… Read More »

  • May 2018 thumbnail

    May 2018

    June 7th 2018
    What a difference a month makes. Your May images featured new life, flowers, and green scenes – a marked change from April's mud and snow.… Read More »

  • April 2018 thumbnail

    April 2018

    May 10th 2018
    Your April photos showed the forest in transition, from a snowshoe hare shedding its white coat to red maple buds opening in the sun. Fox… Read More »

  • March 2018 thumbnail

    March 2018

    March 30th 2018
    March’s charm is not obvious to everyone, but submissions to this month’s gallery show your appreciation for its subtle beauty. Several of these images document… Read More »

  • February 2018 thumbnail

    February 2018

    March 2nd 2018
    “Some say the world will end in fire; some say in ice.”  - Robert Frost Your February photos show ice holding the upper hand, but… Read More »

  • January 2018 thumbnail

    January 2018

    February 2nd 2018
    Your photos this month hewed to landscape and ice scenes, reflecting the stillness and extreme cold that began the year. Flooding and freezing along the… Read More »

  • December 2017 thumbnail

    December 2017

    January 5th 2018
    Winter’s chill takes many forms in this month’s photo gallery. It appears in ice thorns on a blackberry cane, in the pillowed contours of a… Read More »

  • November 2017 thumbnail

    November 2017

    December 5th 2017
    In your November photos, a bear waved, a squirrel sunbathed, and a mature buck faced down the camera. Ducks swam through foliage reflected on water,… Read More »

  • October 2017 thumbnail

    October 2017

    November 8th 2017
    Berries abound in your October photos, which depict a basket full of lowbush or true cranberries, so-called highbush cranberries hanging from a Viburnum, and the… Read More »

  • September 2017 thumbnail

    September 2017

    September 29th 2017
    In your September photos, sunlight performs captivating tricks: making rainbows appear in the mist, brightening leaves in the understory, and pulling an afternoon shadow across… Read More »

  • August 2017 thumbnail

    August 2017

    August 31st 2017
    In the words of Sarah Orne Jewett, late summer is a time when “the spirit of autumn takes a first stealthy flight, like a spy,… Read More »

  • July 2017 thumbnail

    July 2017

    August 4th 2017
    Your July photos captured the remarkable diversity of life forms that inhabit northern woodlands – animals that waddle, paddle, hop, and scamper, others that flutter,… Read More »

  • June 2017 thumbnail

    June 2017

    July 6th 2017
    Your June photos showed brightly colored pollinators and blossoms. There were also more cryptic woodland wonders, including newborn fawns in hiding, a shy turtle, and… Read More »