• Amanita Aura thumbnail

    Amanita Aura

    by Dave Mance III | October 2nd 2017
    One of our big collective cultural fears about nature involves poisonous plants. Our mothers implored us to NEVER put anything from the woods in our… Read More »

  • Tracking Tips: Looking Closely at Bear Nests thumbnail

    Tracking Tips: Looking Closely at Bear Nests

    by Susan C. Morse | Autumn 2017
    Except for the Minnesota black bear that chose to spend the winter hibernating 70 feet up in a bald eagle nest, North American black bears… Read More »

  • Fog Descending On Swamp Maples thumbnail

    Fog Descending On Swamp Maples

    by Dan Lambert | September 25th 2017
    In New England, the edge of autumn feels like no other time of year. The cool nights and warm afternoons call mid-May to mind, but… Read More »

  • Easy Wood thumbnail

    Easy Wood

    by Castle Freeman, Jr. | Autumn 2017
    If you have much to do with firewood, and if you have retained your amateur standing, you will eventually become acquainted with a certain principle… Read More »

  • A Plague of Ticks: Scientists Search for Solutions thumbnail

    A Plague of Ticks: Scientists Search for Solutions

    by Susan Shea | September 18th 2017
    On a hike this spring, we walked through a clear-cut area with tall grass and brambles. Afterwards, our pant legs were crawling with black-legged ticks… Read More »

  • Summer’s Last Exhale thumbnail

    Summer’s Last Exhale

    by Brett Amy Thelen | September 11th 2017
    The first time I saw nighthawks migrating through downtown Keene, I acted like a complete lunatic. Dozens of the slender birds were gliding down Main… Read More »

  • Song of the Balsam Fir thumbnail

    Song of the Balsam Fir

    by David George Haskell | Autumn 2017
    Kakabeka, northwestern Ontario 48°23’45.7” N, 89°37’17.2” W I stand on a stony bluff overlooking a valley filled with the textures and hues of northern forests:… Read More »

  • Salamander Party Tricks thumbnail

    Salamander Party Tricks

    by Brett Amy Thelen | September 4th 2017
    I once heard of a biologist with a clever party trick: regardless of where or when a given party was taking place, he claimed that… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Nicole Duennebier thumbnail

    Outdoor Palette: Nicole Duennebier

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2017
    “Wait, what in the world is that?” In art, as in nature, the familiar attracts us. We feel a certain security in being able to… Read More »

  • Tricks of the Trade: Building a Better Sawbuck thumbnail

    Tricks of the Trade: Building a Better Sawbuck

    by Brett R. McLeod | Autumn 2017
    Does your back hurt from bending over to buck firewood on the ground? Can you admit that occasionally you cut too far and run your… Read More »

  • 1,000 Words thumbnail

    1,000 Words

    by Bob M. Montgomery | Autumn 2017
    Walking a field at the edge of Lake Memphremagog one fall evening, photographer Bob M. Montgomery found that the angle of the setting sun offered… Read More »

  • Birds of the Forest

    by Todd McLeish | Autumn 2017
    In one of the longest-running studies of its kind in North America, the Vermont Center for Ecostudies has documented a 14.2-percent decrease in Vermont forest… Read More »

  • Hemlock Hydrology thumbnail

    Hemlock Hydrology

    by Todd McLeish | Autumn 2017
    Hemlock wooly adelgid, the invasive insect from Japan that is wiping out most of the hemlock forests in the eastern United States, is also having… Read More »

  • Tracking Tips: Putting Food Up thumbnail

    Tracking Tips: Putting Food Up

    by Susan C. Morse | Summer 2017
    We start putting food up in August – about the time we can smell the sun-warmed tomatoes, even before we gather them for canning. “Putting… Read More »

  • From the Center thumbnail

    From the Center

    by Elise Tillinghast | Autumn 2017
    Recently, a reader left a comment on our website relating to a 2009 article by columnist Susan Morse. This article describes the early fall behavior… Read More »

  • Deerflies thumbnail


    by Declan McCabe | August 28th 2017
    My students and I were conducting research in the Winooski River floodplain at Saint Michael's College last week when the buzzing became particularly intense. A… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Susan Bull Riley thumbnail

    Outdoor Palette: Susan Bull Riley

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2017
    Susan Bull Riley has the eye of a naturalist, the discipline of a classical musician, and the sensibility of a plein air artist. These three… Read More »

  • A Monarch Among Us thumbnail

    A Monarch Among Us

    by Elise Tillinghast | August 18th 2017
    Earlier this summer, my daughter persuaded me to bring home a monarch egg. I had misgivings. This wasn’t my first butterfly rodeo, and previous experience… Read More »

  • A Dragon Devours the Sun thumbnail

    A Dragon Devours the Sun

    by Michael J. Caduto | August 14th 2017
    More than 3,000 years ago, the Chinese believed that a dragon ate the sun during a solar eclipse, so they gathered outdoors to drive away… Read More »

  • Living on the Edge thumbnail

    Living on the Edge

    by Todd McLeish | Summer 2017
    As human population grows, forests often become more and more fragmented as trees are cut down to make way for roads, housing developments, office parks,… Read More »