What in the Woods is That?

  • Mysterious Underbelly thumbnail

    Mysterious Underbelly

    September 14th 2018

    Demery Coppola of Guilford, Connecticut, found this leaf on the Saint Michael’s College campus in Vermont during her Environmental Science lab. Do you know what’s on its underside?

  • Tree Friends thumbnail

    Tree Friends

    August 31st 2018

    What do these three trees have in common? And can you name each: left, center, right?

  • Funny Ferns thumbnail

    Funny Ferns

    August 17th 2018

    These ferns were observed recently growing on/near calcareous rock. Do you know what species of fern this is?

  • Pale Green Perplexity thumbnail

    Pale Green Perplexity

    August 3rd 2018

    What are these small, skinny, pale green objects scattered on the forest floor?

  • Home Sweet Home thumbnail

    Home Sweet Home

    July 18th 2018

    What’s using this beech tree as a den?

  • What and Why thumbnail

    What and Why

    July 6th 2018

    Thanks to Felicia Harris for sending along this photo. First, a hint: It’s not a bird you’re likely to find in the forest. So now for a two-part quiz: Do you know what bird it is? And can you tell why it’s on this pebbly surface?

  • Scarface thumbnail


    June 22nd 2018

    These three trees (left, center, right) each have scars facing each other. Why?

  • Below the Snow thumbnail

    Below the Snow

    June 8th 2018

    This depression was observed shortly after the snow melted in a small opening in the woods of the Green Mountains. What is it?

  • Where’s Waldo? thumbnail

    Where’s Waldo?

    May 24th 2018

    This time we have a cross between Where’s Waldo? and Battleship. There’s a woodcock nesting in this photo by Sandy Dannis. Can you tell us which box (number/letter) it’s in?

  • Spring Something thumbnail

    Spring Something

    May 11th 2018

    This spring-flowering plant is fairly common in the Northeast, though it may not be recognizable yet. What plant is it? (The common name for the species is acceptable.)