What in the Woods is That?

  • Spring Something thumbnail

    Spring Something

    May 11th 2018

    This spring ephemeral is fairly common in the Northeast, though it may not be recognizable yet. What plant is it? (The common name for the species is acceptable.)

  • Final Wintery Mystery thumbnail

    Final Wintery Mystery

    April 27th 2018

    One last (hopefully) snow scene. A reader happened upon this stirred up patch of bloody snow last weekend on a backcountry ski high in the Green Mountains. What do you suppose caused this commotion? Look carefully and you’ll spot a few clues left behind.

  • Odd Scene thumbnail

    Odd Scene

    April 13th 2018

    A scene in crusty-snow. What are the objects on top of the snow and why are they concentrated in a line?

  • Stumper in Snow thumbnail

    Stumper in Snow

    March 30th 2018

    Sandy Dannis spotted this strange snow scene in Dalton, New Hampshire. What are we looking at here?

  • Unusual Growths thumbnail

    Unusual Growths

    March 16th 2018

    What explains the unusual growths on this tree?

  • Baffling Beaver Pond thumbnail

    Baffling Beaver Pond

    March 2nd 2018

    This photo came in to us a few months back from Pam Landry, wildlife education specialist with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife. She came across this beaver pond with a group of students following a heavy rain. What’s collecting on the surface?

  • Strange Markings thumbnail

    Strange Markings

    February 16th 2018

    Strange markings on a red maple tree’s bark. What caused it?

  • Mystery in Maine thumbnail

    Mystery in Maine

    February 2nd 2018

    Thanks to Anne Huntington for sending along this photo. The picture was taken (in Wayne, Maine) after a heavy rain that was followed by a cold snap. What’s going on with this tree?

  • Window: 1 Bird: 0 thumbnail

    Window: 1 Bird: 0

    January 19th 2018

    Sadly, we witnessed a bird meet its demise this week by running into a window. Can you tell from these photos what kind of bird it is?

  • Mystery Ornament thumbnail

    Mystery Ornament

    January 5th 2018

    Rachel Putnam came across this strange sight while on a chilly walk in Orford, New Hampshire. She was able to identify this substance in a balsam tree, can you?