What in the Woods is That?

  • Home Sweet Home thumbnail

    Home Sweet Home

    July 18th 2018

    What’s using this beech tree as a den?

  • What and Why thumbnail

    What and Why

    July 6th 2018

    Thanks to Felicia Harris for sending along this photo. First, a hint: It’s not a bird you’re likely to find in the forest. So now for a two-part quiz: Do you know what bird it is? And can you tell why it’s on this pebbly surface?

  • Scarface thumbnail


    June 22nd 2018

    These three trees (left, center, right) each have scars facing each other. Why?

  • Below the Snow thumbnail

    Below the Snow

    June 8th 2018

    This depression was observed shortly after the snow melted in a small opening in the woods of the Green Mountains. What is it?

  • Where’s Waldo? thumbnail

    Where’s Waldo?

    May 24th 2018

    This time we have a cross between Where’s Waldo? and Battleship. There’s a woodcock nesting in this photo by Sandy Dannis. Can you tell us which box (number/letter) it’s in?

  • Spring Something thumbnail

    Spring Something

    May 11th 2018

    This spring-flowering plant is fairly common in the Northeast, though it may not be recognizable yet. What plant is it? (The common name for the species is acceptable.)

  • Final Wintery Mystery thumbnail

    Final Wintery Mystery

    April 27th 2018

    One last (hopefully) snow scene. A reader happened upon this stirred up patch of bloody snow last weekend on a backcountry ski high in the Green Mountains. What do you suppose caused this commotion? Look carefully and you’ll spot a few clues left behind.

  • Odd Scene thumbnail

    Odd Scene

    April 13th 2018

    A scene in crusty-snow. What are the objects on top of the snow and why are they concentrated in a line?

  • Stumper in Snow thumbnail

    Stumper in Snow

    March 30th 2018

    Sandy Dannis spotted this strange snow scene in Dalton, New Hampshire. What are we looking at here?

  • Unusual Growths thumbnail

    Unusual Growths

    March 16th 2018

    What explains the unusual growths on this tree?