What in the Woods is That?

  • Tiny Teaser thumbnail

    Tiny Teaser

    June 9th 2017

    Found on a hop hornbeam branch. What is it?

  • ID Dilemma thumbnail

    ID Dilemma

    May 26th 2017

    Tree seedling identification from a distance without intact buds or fully developed leaves: What kind of tree is this?

  • Curious Sign thumbnail

    Curious Sign

    May 12th 2017

    What’s piled up around the base of this tree?

  • Tiptoe Trees thumbnail

    Tiptoe Trees

    April 28th 2017

    We recently came across two trees (in one case a group of trees) perched up off the ground. What’s the cause of this phenomenon?

  • Mystery in Rouge thumbnail

    Mystery in Rouge

    April 14th 2017

    We found this pretty bolt in our firewood pile. Alright wood geeks, what species is it?

  • No Place Like Home thumbnail

    No Place Like Home

    March 31st 2017

    Home sweet home. What animal lives here?

  • Confounding Cones thumbnail

    Confounding Cones

    March 17th 2017

    A two-part question: What type of cones are these, and why are they in a pile?

  • Tree MD thumbnail

    Tree MD

    March 2nd 2017

    This tree has a disease. What’s your diagnosis?

  • Log Spill thumbnail

    Log Spill

    February 17th 2017

    What is spilling out of this log? (Thanks to Bonnie Pease for the photo.)

  • Game Cam Apparition thumbnail

    Game Cam Apparition

    February 2nd 2017

    A game camera captured this animal shape on a beaver dam in late January. What animal is it?