What in the Woods is That?

  • Boggling Barrowfull thumbnail

    Boggling Barrowfull

    October 26th 2017

    A wheelbarrow full of small chunks generated while working up a load of log-length firewood. This byproduct probably wouldn’t have existed 10 years ago. What are they and what changed?

  • Dubious Digger thumbnail

    Dubious Digger

    October 13th 2017

    What caused this digging in the woods? Hint: The photographer took the picture from a safe distance.

  • Beguiling Buddies thumbnail

    Beguiling Buddies

    September 29th 2017

    These two Vermont trees are growing just a few feet apart. Can you tell us what species each is?

  • Hello Yellow thumbnail

    Hello Yellow

    September 15th 2017

    Jeannette Segale came across this yellow substance in early August in her back woods in Huntington, Vermont. Do you know what it is?

  • Riddle in Rouge thumbnail

    Riddle in Rouge

    September 1st 2017

    This plant was observed in thickets in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. What is it?

  • What In the Pond Is That? thumbnail

    What In the Pond Is That?

    August 18th 2017

    This week, a WITPIT (What In The Pond Is That?). Ben Haubrich spotted this organism attached to the bottom (about a foot deep) of Scoby Pond in New Hampshire while out kayaking with friends. He pulled it up to get a good photo. “And we did find others, in fact…

  • Perplexing Polypore thumbnail

    Perplexing Polypore

    August 4th 2017

    We found this tasty-looking polypore growing on an oak stump while picking low-bush blues in mid-July. What is it?

  • Dogwood Dubiety thumbnail

    Dogwood Dubiety

    July 21st 2017

    Penelope Harris recently came across these on the underside of one of the leaves of a wild pagoda Dogwood on her property in northern Vermont. She knows what they are, do you?

  • State Park Stumper thumbnail

    State Park Stumper

    July 7th 2017

    Chris Wrinn took this photo at Sleeping Giant State Park in Connecticut. She wondered what it was. Do you know?

  • Puffy Puzzlement thumbnail

    Puffy Puzzlement

    June 23rd 2017

    What’s the white stuff on this tree and on the ground?