What in the Woods is That?

  • Strange Markings thumbnail

    Strange Markings

    February 16th 2018

    Strange markings on a red maple tree’s bark. What caused it?

  • Mystery in Maine thumbnail

    Mystery in Maine

    February 2nd 2018

    Thanks to Anne Huntington for sending along this photo. The picture was taken (in Wayne, Maine) after a heavy rain that was followed by a cold snap. What’s going on with this tree?

  • Window: 1 Bird: 0 thumbnail

    Window: 1 Bird: 0

    January 19th 2018

    Sadly, we witnessed a bird meet its demise this week by running into a window. Can you tell from these photos what kind of bird it is?

  • Mystery Ornament thumbnail

    Mystery Ornament

    January 5th 2018

    Rachel Putnam came across this strange sight while on a chilly walk in Orford, New Hampshire. She was able to identify this substance in a balsam tree, can you?

  • What in Blazes? thumbnail

    What in Blazes?

    December 22nd 2017

    This isn’t a trail blaze. What is the circular white spot (and the other smaller white spots) on the bark of this sugar maple tree?

  • What’s Up, Moss? thumbnail

    What’s Up, Moss?

    December 7th 2017

    What are these white bits on the moss-covered rock?

  • Pointed Puzzler thumbnail

    Pointed Puzzler

    November 22nd 2017

    Spotted on a Christmas tree farm, it’s taller than many of the young trees and still standing straight in late November. What is this plant?

  • Beech Bummer thumbnail

    Beech Bummer

    November 10th 2017

    What happened to these beech trees?

  • Boggling Barrowfull thumbnail

    Boggling Barrowfull

    October 26th 2017

    A wheelbarrow full of small chunks generated while working up a load of log-length firewood. This byproduct probably wouldn’t have existed 10 years ago. What are they and what changed?

  • Dubious Digger thumbnail

    Dubious Digger

    October 13th 2017

    What caused this digging in the woods? Hint: The photographer took the picture from a safe distance.