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  • Tenho Saudades

    September 28th 2009
    I am pleased to find a word that describes the feeling Dave describes, which I know so well. But . . . how do you pronounce it? “Swuh-DA-day”? Read More »

  • Alarms Ring As Borer and Beetle Move This Way

    September 26th 2009
    I think I have some serious infestation of a Norway maple tree in my yard. Small, perfectly round holes on one third of the bark/trunk from knee level up to 9 ft. I think today… Read More »

  • Tenho Saudades

    September 25th 2009
    Mr. Mance has done it again to me. No one can make me “feel” the written word like he can. This story makes me feel “saudade.” I wish he would publish a book of his… Read More »

  • Bull Moose in the Newsroom

    September 22nd 2009
    Thanks for the behind the scenes glimpse of what goes on in the editors room. Sorting out passionate opinion from crackpot observation isn’t always easy. In the example given, I think you made the correct… Read More »

  • Indian Pipe

    September 21st 2009
    I finally identified this plant in our restored prairie and wetland.  The unusual thing is that it is in a heavily disturbed area that was completely replanted with prairie plants and was upland and fairly… Read More »

  • Maul vs. Axe

    September 20th 2009
    More years ago than I like to admit, I grew up on a farm in central Maine. We heated exclusively with hardwood that we cut from our woodlot. Being that it was an old, uninsulated… Read More »

  • Lumber, Chips, and Sawdust: For Sawmills, There's No Such Thing as Waste

    September 18th 2009
    I will have containers of “enviro” wood chips beetle killed spruce at Seattle port later in 2009/10; looking for a home for them. Read More »

  • Whitespotted Sawyer

    September 18th 2009
    Sighted 4 September 2009.  Have photo I can e-mail if you need it. Read More »

  • Milkweed and Butterflies

    September 15th 2009
    We grow milkweed for the monarchs every year. We find if we cut down the first crop the new plants are usually covered with caterpillars every year. Unfortunately this year we haven’t seen a single… Read More »

  • Choosing a Tree

    September 14th 2009
    Not only would Ruby and people like the crab apple blossoms, but so would the bees, the grouse, myriad songbirds, and other critters. Good choice! Read More »

  • Peering Behind the Veneer

    September 13th 2009
    Specialize in Black Walnut in Central KY. Read More »

  • Choosing a Tree

    September 11th 2009
    How about something with red (ruby) blossoms? Actually, one of those maple-leaved viburnums, or high-bush cranberry as they call it locally (at least I think they’re the same thing), that gets beautiful white clusters of… Read More »

  • Choosing a Tree

    September 11th 2009
    What a wonderful tribute to Ruby, a gentle and loving fur person. We miss her, too.  We recently planted a row of flowering crabs along the south side of Ryder Rd.  We hope to still… Read More »

  • Mill Prices: Autumn 2009

    September 10th 2009
    Where could I find prices for softwoods? Read More »

  • Indian Pipe

    September 5th 2009
    I live in SE Iowa, and am an avid hunter and outdoorsman; this is the first time I have ever seen this plant, AMAZING.  Smell them, they have an herbal smell.  As soon as it… Read More »

  • Whitespotted Sawyer

    September 3rd 2009
    I saw the story on the news tonight about the Asian Longhorn and thought it was the beetle we had here about 11 or 12 years ago, but found on you website that it is… Read More »

  • Wind, Fire, Ice, and Insects: Can Natural Disturbances Be a Management Tool for Foresters?

    September 2nd 2009
    Do you know of any insect/bug that is fire resistant? Read More »

  • Red Osier Dogwood, Cornus sericea

    September 2nd 2009
    I would like to know the best method of growing the cuttings and what time of year to plant them. I would also like to know what the best method of germinating the seeds. Read More »

  • Lumber, Chips, and Sawdust: For Sawmills, There's No Such Thing as Waste

    September 1st 2009
    Looking for any possible people needing clean pine off cuts of lumber for any sort of renewable use. Pieces are mostly 1 inch thick and of various shapes. It is possible to grind this material… Read More »

  • A Reservoir of History

    August 25th 2009
    Dave’s line “We found the beaver ponds that Andy used to fish as a boy but the dam had blown out some time ago” reminds me of what happened around here approx. a year ago,… Read More »