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  • Exiled From Heart and Mind, Rattlesnakes Live On thumbnail

    Exiled From Heart and Mind, Rattlesnakes Live On

    by Ted Levin | May 25th 2003
    I am climbing through the brush with Alcott Smith, a veterinarian who spends more time in the woods than in the clinic, on a pilgrimage…

  • Bad News for Bullwinkle thumbnail

    Bad News for Bullwinkle

    by Madeline Bodin | May 18th 2003
    Sorry, Rocky. There is no such thing as a friendly moose. There are several reasons why a moose might appear to be friendly, or at…

  • The Tall Tale of a Small Squirrel thumbnail

    The Tall Tale of a Small Squirrel

    by Chuck Wooster | May 11th 2003
    They say that, back before Europeans arrived in North America, the forest was so thick that a squirrel could have traveled from the Atlantic coast…

  • Butternut thumbnail


    by Virginia Barlow | May 4th 2003
    I often think back to the time when butternut trees were robust members of the tree community, before butternut canker swept across the tree’s range,…

  • The Return of the Osprey thumbnail

    The Return of the Osprey

    by Catherine Tudish | April 27th 2003
    The spectacle of an osprey—a powerful raptor with a six-foot wingspan—plunging into the water from a height of a hundred feet and emerging with a…

  • The Disappearing Wood Thrush thumbnail

    The Disappearing Wood Thrush

    by Eben McLane | April 20th 2003
    Spring mornings and evenings at my family’s cabin in the woods of Waitsfield, Vermont, are charmed by the ghostly, flute-like song of the wood thrush.…

  • The Bird-Coffee Connection thumbnail

    The Bird-Coffee Connection

    by Chris Rimmer | April 13th 2003
    Winter’s back has finally broken. Painful memories of sub-zero temperatures are receding as red-winged blackbird and eastern phoebe songs announce the steady march of spring.…

  • Highways of Stone thumbnail

    Highways of Stone

    by Bill Amos | April 6th 2003
    Vermont’s Interstate 91 is well traveled, but it’s a far cry from a busier superhighway close behind our house in St. Johnsbury. This major (but…

  • Snipe Hunting thumbnail

    Snipe Hunting

    by Steve Faccio | March 30th 2003
    A few years ago, I took my 6-year-old daughter Taylor on a snipe hunt. Not the kind of snipe hunt that most people are familiar…

  • For Foxes, Spring is Already Here thumbnail

    For Foxes, Spring is Already Here

    by Ted Levin | March 23rd 2003
    Last week, on a dark, late-winter night, one of those all-too-familiar winter nights when the sky is clear and the temperature has fallen well below…

  • The Butterflies of Winter thumbnail

    The Butterflies of Winter

    by Kent McFarland | March 16th 2003
    At 5 degrees below zero, butterflies were the last thing on my mind as I brushed the fluffy snow from the porch. But as I…

  • The Buzz on Cluster Flies thumbnail

    The Buzz on Cluster Flies

    by Madeline Bodin | March 9th 2003
    They are fuzzy, buzzy, smell like honey (sort of), and I can’t convince my nearly three-year-old son that they are not bees. But even most…

  • The Other March Maple thumbnail

    The Other March Maple

    by Virginia Barlow | March 2nd 2003
    Along many rivers, especially where they wind through fields and pastures, it’s easy to pick out boxelders at this time of year. Well, female boxelders,…

  • The Sugaring Bug thumbnail

    The Sugaring Bug

    by Trish Hanson | February 23rd 2003
    Moths in the sap bucket! To the sugarmaker, this sight signals the winding down of the sugaring season. But to entomologists, it means that it’s…

  • For Trout, the Spring Thaw Can Be Deadly thumbnail

    For Trout, the Spring Thaw Can Be Deadly

    by Geoff Wilson | February 16th 2003
    Most Northeasterners are familiar with the causes of acid rain: nitrates and sulfates from the burning of fossil fuels that enter the atmosphere and cause…

  • Dead Birds Don’t Fly thumbnail

    Dead Birds Don’t Fly

    by Ted Levin | February 9th 2003
    I see him high above the Wilder Dam, which spans the Connecticut River between Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Hartford, Vermont. With wings flat and primary…

  • What Happens to Deer During a Tough Winter? thumbnail

    What Happens to Deer During a Tough Winter?

    by Chuck Wooster | February 2nd 2003
    Few of us think about deer at this time of year. There are no fawns to be fawned over, no legal season for hunting, and…

  • The Weasel – Tiny Warrior with Inexhaustible Concentration thumbnail

    The Weasel – Tiny Warrior with Inexhaustible Concentration

    by Ted Levin | January 26th 2003
    I stood still as the weasel rippled, white and lustrous, through the stone wall. Six feet away, a deer mouse whose footfalls must have aroused…

  • Wake Up! Hibernation Isn’t What It Seems thumbnail

    Wake Up! Hibernation Isn’t What It Seems

    by Bernd Heinrich | January 19th 2003
    Hibernation is a concept that everyone thinks they know. Woodchucks hibernate, chickadees don’t. Woodchucks cool down and go to sleep in winter. Chickadees don’t. So…

  • Restoring the Rhythm thumbnail

    Restoring the Rhythm

    by David Deen | January 12th 2003
    The water level in any river ebbs and flows depending on how much precipitation falls, and the inhabitants of the river readily adapt to these…