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  • The Sugaring Bug thumbnail

    The Sugaring Bug

    by Trish Hanson | February 23rd 2003
    Moths in the sap bucket! To the sugarmaker, this sight signals the winding down of the sugaring season. But to entomologists, it means that it’s…

  • For Trout, the Spring Thaw Can Be Deadly thumbnail

    For Trout, the Spring Thaw Can Be Deadly

    by Geoff Wilson | February 16th 2003
    Most Northeasterners are familiar with the causes of acid rain: nitrates and sulfates from the burning of fossil fuels that enter the atmosphere and cause…

  • Dead Birds Don’t Fly thumbnail

    Dead Birds Don’t Fly

    by Ted Levin | February 9th 2003
    I see him high above the Wilder Dam, which spans the Connecticut River between Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Hartford, Vermont. With wings flat and primary…

  • What Happens to Deer During a Tough Winter? thumbnail

    What Happens to Deer During a Tough Winter?

    by Chuck Wooster | February 2nd 2003
    Few of us think about deer at this time of year. There are no fawns to be fawned over, no legal season for hunting, and…

  • The Weasel – Tiny Warrior with Inexhaustible Concentration thumbnail

    The Weasel – Tiny Warrior with Inexhaustible Concentration

    by Ted Levin | January 26th 2003
    I stood still as the weasel rippled, white and lustrous, through the stone wall. Six feet away, a deer mouse whose footfalls must have aroused…

  • Wake Up! Hibernation Isn’t What It Seems thumbnail

    Wake Up! Hibernation Isn’t What It Seems

    by Bernd Heinrich | January 19th 2003
    Hibernation is a concept that everyone thinks they know. Woodchucks hibernate, chickadees don’t. Woodchucks cool down and go to sleep in winter. Chickadees don’t. So…

  • Restoring the Rhythm thumbnail

    Restoring the Rhythm

    by David Deen | January 12th 2003
    The water level in any river ebbs and flows depending on how much precipitation falls, and the inhabitants of the river readily adapt to these…

  • The Birds of Winter thumbnail

    The Birds of Winter

    by Bryan Pfeiffer | January 5th 2003
    You might not know it, but common goldeneyes are on the prowl. They’re out in icy waters, cavorting and splashing about in a quirky duck-dating…

  • The “blood-thirsty little Shrew” thumbnail

    The “blood-thirsty little Shrew”

    by Alan Pistorius | December 29th 2002
    On occasion I’ve asked friends what they knew about shrews, and almost without exception the question simply puzzled them. Not only had they never seen…

  • Opossums Find Cold Comfort in New England’s Winters thumbnail

    Opossums Find Cold Comfort in New England’s Winters

    by Catherine Tudish | December 22nd 2002
    Natives of Central and South America, opossums are not particularly well equipped for life in northern New England, and yet they have been found here…

  • The Coyote is Here to Stay thumbnail

    The Coyote is Here to Stay

    by Ted Levin | December 15th 2002
    One recent winter morning, when I awoke at dawn and glanced out our bedroom window, a nervous coyote slipped from the woods – crouching, tail…

  • A Thief of Stars thumbnail

    A Thief of Stars

    by Madeline Bodin | December 8th 2002
    There it was, a faint orange glow in the northern sky. Could it be, at long last, the northern lights? I stared at the glow…

  • Frogs Withstand Winter by Freezing thumbnail

    Frogs Withstand Winter by Freezing

    by Tii McLane | December 1st 2002
    It was a busy summer in the pond at the foot of my hill. Hundreds of wood frogs mated there. I watched their eggs hatch,…

  • Hostile Takeover in the Wetlands thumbnail

    Hostile Takeover in the Wetlands

    by Alan Pistorius | November 24th 2002
    Snip, drip. Jane Moscowitch snipped a shoulder-high phragmites down to knee height. She crouched and dripped a few drops of purple-dyed herbicide into its hollow…

  • Autumn Upside Down thumbnail

    Autumn Upside Down

    by Ted Levin | November 17th 2002
    Lake Fairlee, just in from the Connecticut River on the Vermont side, looks like a giant tadpole, its tail swung north to meet Blood Brook,…

  • The Ecology of the Hunt thumbnail

    The Ecology of the Hunt

    by Chuck Wooster | November 10th 2002
    We live surrounded by deer. They observe us as we cut wood, walk in the woods, or step out back to hang the laundry. They…

  • Mud Bug Trouble thumbnail

    Mud Bug Trouble

    by Madeline Bodin | November 3rd 2002
    I can’t stop thinking about butter sauce. I guess that’s no surprise. When we think about crayfish, if we think about them at all, it…

  • October’s Witch thumbnail

    October’s Witch

    by Virginia Barlow | October 27th 2002
    In late November, after its leaves have changed to a beautiful golden yellow and fallen to the ground, and sometimes even after they have turned…

  • Sound of the Season thumbnail

    Sound of the Season

    by Ted Levin | October 20th 2002
    In Vermont and New Hampshire, most grasslands are pastures and meadows – ephemeral plant communities that depend on people to survive. Without mowers or livestock,…

  • Poor Man’s Fertilizer thumbnail

    Poor Man’s Fertilizer

    by Tim Traver | October 13th 2002
    Remember the old adage, “snow is poor man’s fertilizer?” It turns out to be true. Snow and rain, sleet and hail, and just the dust…