Tricks of the Trade

  • Chain Sharpening Tips thumbnail

    Chain Sharpening Tips

    by Joseph Smith | Spring 2006
    Cutting with a dull chain will increase wear on both you and your saw and increase the risk of kickback. How do you know when…

  • Hinge Hints thumbnail

    Hinge Hints

    by Joseph Smith | Winter 2005
    Just as a door needs hinges to allow it to function properly, a good hinge is needed to safely bring a tree to the ground.…

  • Felling Trees Against the Lean thumbnail

    Felling Trees Against the Lean

    by Joseph Smith | Autumn 2005
    It is usually easiest to fell a tree in the direction that it’s leaning, but sometimes it’s necessary to fell it in the opposite direction.…

  • Protecting Forest Roads thumbnail

    Protecting Forest Roads

    by Joseph Smith | Summer 2005
    The woods road’s worst enemy is water. It makes travel difficult, and if it’s not diverted, rainwater can wash away a road surface in a…

  • Reading Your Boundaries thumbnail

    Reading Your Boundaries

    by Joseph Smith | Spring 2005
    Before the trees leaf out is a great time to walk your property lines, a practice that should be an annual event for all landowners.…

  • Working in Blowdowns thumbnail

    Working in Blowdowns

    by Joseph Smith | Winter 2004
    Violent windstorms are common in the Northeast, and they often leave behind blown-down trees that need to be removed. But before you charge in with…