What in the Woods is That?

  • Woods Tool

    March 17th 2010

    This tool was found recently leaning up against a tree in a forest. What’s it used for?

  • Cones thumbnail


    February 26th 2010

    Each of these cones was collected in the woods around our office in Corinth, Vermont. Name all five species.

  • Bird’s Nest thumbnail

    Bird’s Nest

    February 9th 2010

    By now you’ve all had a chance to read Bernd Heinrich’s wonderful story in our winter issue on identifying bird’s nests. You have read the story, right? Put your newfound skills to work here and tell us what bird made this nest.

  • Sapling Damage thumbnail

    Sapling Damage

    January 26th 2010

    This picture, circa the mid-1980s, shows biologist Will Staats surrounded by scarred saplings. What, specifically, caused this damage?

  • Other Worldly thumbnail

    Other Worldly

    January 15th 2010

    Sort of other worldy, huh? What in the woods is it?

  • Marks in Fresh Snowfall thumbnail

    Marks in Fresh Snowfall

    January 7th 2010

    Chris Demers of Willington, Connecticut, took this photo a few weeks back after a fresh snowfall. What made these strange marks?

  • Lacy Log thumbnail

    Lacy Log

    December 31st 2009

    Reader Karen Jackson was loading her woodstove when this piece of bark fell off a log. The underside was covered in lacy designs. What caused these patterns?

  • Three Tanned Pelts thumbnail

    Three Tanned Pelts

    December 18th 2009

    A trapper in southern Vermont submitted this photo showing the tanned pelts of three Northeastern mammals. From left to right, what are they?

  • Archeological Ruin thumbnail

    Archeological Ruin

    December 11th 2009

    This archeological ruin was photographed in a yellow-birch/hard maple stand near the top of a mountain in southern Vermont. It’s not a cellar hole. For a hint, consult the winter 2009 issue of Northern Woodlands magazine.

  • Native Tree thumbnail

    Native Tree

    December 3rd 2009

    This native tree is common throughout the Northeast. What is it?