What in the Woods is That?

  • Not Driftwood! thumbnail

    Not Driftwood!

    November 6th 2009

    Driftwood? Nope. What in the woods could this be?

  • Sugar Maple Scar thumbnail

    Sugar Maple Scar

    October 29th 2009

    What caused the scar on this sugar maple tree?

  • Pomainville Wildlife Management Area thumbnail

    Pomainville Wildlife Management Area

    October 23rd 2009

    Susan Elliott, a member of the Rutland County Audubon Society took this photo while bird monitoring in the Pomainville Wildlife Management Area in Pittsford, VT. What in the woods is it?

  • Something in the Apple Tree thumbnail

    Something in the Apple Tree

    October 16th 2009

    Last winter, Jason Selden and family were coming down a hillside in Chelsea, Vermont when a member of the group spotted something odd in an apple tree. Selden snapped this picture of the animal. What is it?

  • Fallen Leaves thumbnail

    Fallen Leaves

    October 9th 2009

    This selection of fallen leaves was gathered near our office in Corinth, Vermont. Name all six species.

  • Sparkling Stones thumbnail

    Sparkling Stones

    October 2nd 2009

    These sparkling stones(?) were found in a southern Vermont trout stream. What are they?

  • Red or Green Seeds thumbnail

    Red or Green Seeds

    September 25th 2009

    Depending on the time of year, the seeds from this plant can be green or red. What in the woods is it?

  • Alien Life-form thumbnail

    Alien Life-form

    September 18th 2009

    No, it’s not an alien life-form; and that’s all the help I’m giving you. What in the woods is it?

  • Telephone Pole thumbnail

    Telephone Pole

    September 11th 2009

    Dave Anderson was hiking along a telephone line right-of-way near Long Pond in Lempster, New Hampshire, when he noticed a telephone pole that was completely snapped off and was hanging suspended from its wires. A closer look revealed several other poles had significant structural damage. The site was remote enough…

  • Maple Leaf thumbnail

    Maple Leaf

    September 4th 2009

    This maple leaf seems covered with Nerds candy. A quick taste reveals the bumps in question are anything but sweet. What in the woods is it?