What in the Woods is That?

  • Other Worldly thumbnail

    Other Worldly

    January 15th 2010

    Sort of other worldy, huh? What in the woods is it?

  • Marks in Fresh Snowfall thumbnail

    Marks in Fresh Snowfall

    January 7th 2010

    Chris Demers of Willington, Connecticut, took this photo a few weeks back after a fresh snowfall. What made these strange marks?

  • Lacy Log thumbnail

    Lacy Log

    December 31st 2009

    Reader Karen Jackson was loading her woodstove when this piece of bark fell off a log. The underside was covered in lacy designs. What caused these patterns?

  • Three Tanned Pelts thumbnail

    Three Tanned Pelts

    December 18th 2009

    A trapper in southern Vermont submitted this photo showing the tanned pelts of three Northeastern mammals. From left to right, what are they?

  • Archeological Ruin thumbnail

    Archeological Ruin

    December 11th 2009

    This archeological ruin was photographed in a yellow-birch/hard maple stand near the top of a mountain in southern Vermont. It’s not a cellar hole. For a hint, consult the winter 2009 issue of Northern Woodlands magazine.

  • Native Tree thumbnail

    Native Tree

    December 3rd 2009

    This native tree is common throughout the Northeast. What is it?

  • No Hints thumbnail

    No Hints

    November 19th 2009

    No hints on this one. What in the woods is it?

  • McIntyre Job Machine thumbnail

    McIntyre Job Machine

    November 12th 2009

    A few years back, a group of amateur history buffs spent the better part of two days dragging an enormous hunk of metal off a densely wooded mountain in southern Vermont. The area is referred to on topo maps as the “McIntyre Job” – the site of a big lumber…

  • Not Driftwood! thumbnail

    Not Driftwood!

    November 6th 2009

    Driftwood? Nope. What in the woods could this be?

  • Sugar Maple Scar thumbnail

    Sugar Maple Scar

    October 29th 2009

    What caused the scar on this sugar maple tree?