What in the Woods is That?

  • Strange Sight thumbnail

    Strange Sight

    July 7th 2010

    Our proofreader discovered this strange object in a spruce tree near her home. What in the woods is it?

  • Who Lives Here? thumbnail

    Who Lives Here?

    June 23rd 2010

    Naturalist Mary Holland shared this wonderful picture with us…yup, it’s an animal den site. But what kind of animal?

  • Weird Design thumbnail

    Weird Design

    June 9th 2010

    Reader Susan Elliot took this picture at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center this past weekend while attending the 115th Annual Meeting of the Vermont Botanical and Bird Club. What is it?

  • Unknown Insect

    May 26th 2010

    Our friend Bryan Pfeiffer shared this wonderful picture with us. What kind of bug is it? (Hint: you really have seen it before, especially at this time of year.)

  • Mystery Den thumbnail

    Mystery Den

    May 12th 2010

    Many mammals, including opossums, red foxes, woodchucks, raccoons, skunks, and cottontail rabbits, use holes for den sites, sometimes simultaneously. This particular hole is only being used by one mammal species at the moment – if you look closely, you’ll be able to tell me with certainty which one it is.

  • Spring Flower thumbnail

    Spring Flower

    April 28th 2010

    We’re going to purposely ignore the fact that there’s fresh snow on the ground at the moment and offer up a more hopeful look at the forest floor. What kind of flower is this?

  • Unidentified Paw thumbnail

    Unidentified Paw

    April 14th 2010

    As our resident tracking expert Sue Morse is fond of pointing out, feet make tracks! What kind of paw are we looking at here?

  • Spring Mystery

    March 31st 2010

    Our friend Bryan Pfeiffer submitted this intriguing picture. OK, botanists, what is it?

  • Woods Tool

    March 17th 2010

    This tool was found recently leaning up against a tree in a forest. What’s it used for?

  • Cones thumbnail


    February 26th 2010

    Each of these cones was collected in the woods around our office in Corinth, Vermont. Name all five species.