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  • Choosing a Tree

    September 11th 2009
    What a wonderful tribute to Ruby, a gentle and loving fur person. We miss her, too.  We recently planted a row of flowering crabs along the south side of Ryder Rd.  We hope Read More »

  • Mill Prices: Autumn 2009

    September 10th 2009
    Where could I find prices for softwoods? Read More »

  • Indian Pipe

    September 5th 2009
    I live in SE Iowa, and am an avid hunter and outdoorsman; this is the first time I have ever seen this plant, AMAZING.  Smell them, they have an herbal smell.  As soon Read More »

  • Whitespotted Sawyer

    September 3rd 2009
    I saw the story on the news tonight about the Asian Longhorn and thought it was the beetle we had here about 11 or 12 years ago, but found on you website that it is the Whitespotter Read More »

  • Wind, Fire, Ice, and Insects: Can Natural Disturbances Be a Management Tool for Foresters?

    September 2nd 2009
    Do you know of any insect/bug that is fire resistant? Read More »

  • Red Osier Dogwood, Cornus sericea

    September 2nd 2009
    I would like to know the best method of growing the cuttings and what time of year to plant them. I would also like to know what the best method of germinating the seeds. Read More »

  • Lumber, Chips, and Sawdust: For Sawmills, There's No Such Thing as Waste

    September 1st 2009
    Looking for any possible people needing clean pine off cuts of lumber for any sort of renewable use. Pieces are mostly 1 inch thick and of various shapes. It is possible to grind this material to Read More »

  • A Reservoir of History

    August 25th 2009
    Dave’s line “We found the beaver ponds that Andy used to fish as a boy but the dam had blown out some time ago” reminds me of what happened around here approx. a year Read More »

  • Whey to Help Hemlocks

    August 23rd 2009
    This article is from 2007.  What is the status of this research today?  Is it possible to participate in using Lecanicillium muscarium? Thank you. Read More »

  • Indian Pipe

    August 22nd 2009
    This is the first season for us to watch the fascinating Indian Pipes. I found one and each weekend since a few more have appeared. This location is an old well established forest with interesting Read More »

  • Increasing the Value of a Penny

    August 21st 2009
    Well, I guess we know the truth now. Read More »

  • Increasing the Value of a Penny

    August 21st 2009
    Besides throwing them out, this is actually a pretty good use for a penny - however, I think it is actually a felony to destroy money :) Read More »

  • Truck Diving Bear

    August 17th 2009
    Unsuccessfully tried to outsmart the bear by hanging the feeders high with rope and pulley. He climbed one tree and grabbed the line with his mouth and shook it until the feeders fell. Next time, Read More »

  • Felling Trees Against the Lean

    August 11th 2009
    I understand the idea of a wedge and shim, however, the trees I am taking down are only between,7”-9” in diameter, some are back leaning and seem too small to use a wedge, as Read More »

  • Indian Pipe

    August 10th 2009
    I’ve also just discovered some today in our woods in Farmington, Maine.  We’ve been here for 20 years and I’ve never seen them before! Could all the rain have something to do Read More »

  • Truck Diving Bear

    August 10th 2009
    I’m very happy to hear, Carolyn, that I’m not the only one with half-empty juice bottles in my truck. I think a wildlife biologist would tell you that the bear will be back— Read More »

  • Alarms Ring As Borer and Beetle Move This Way

    August 8th 2009
    Color photos of both insects, to scale, and images or illustrations of their symptoms and effects in the trees, would be very helpful the layman, and easy to pass around via the Net. Read More »

  • Truck Diving Bear

    August 7th 2009
    We lived in our rural hilltown for 11 years without sighting a bear—and still haven’t seen one—although we awoke in April to a demolishment akin to what Dave reports. In this case, bird Read More »

  • Indian Pipe

    August 4th 2009
    I live in an artist condo in Newtonville, MA (a town west of Boston). We have a number of groups of Indian Pipes under dense undergrowth. This is the fist year I have seen them Read More »

  • Wet Weather Wondering

    August 4th 2009
    Thanks, all, for your comments. This is very interesting . . .. Read More »