Outdoor Palette

  • Outdoor Palette: Nick Neddo thumbnail

    Winter 2017

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Winter 2017
    What do bear fur, deliquescent mushrooms, wasp nests, antlers, and stones have in common? Yes, these things can all be found in the forests of… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Nicole Duennebier thumbnail

    Autumn 2017

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2017
    “Wait, what in the world is that?” In art, as in nature, the familiar attracts us. We feel a certain security in being able to… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Susan Bull Riley thumbnail

    Summer 2017

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2017
    Susan Bull Riley has the eye of a naturalist, the discipline of a classical musician, and the sensibility of a plein air artist. These three… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: David Goodsell thumbnail

    Spring 2017

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Spring 2017
    Like many artists, David Goodsell’s work is born of careful observation of the natural world; his landscapes just happen to be molecular – the world… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Visionary Art thumbnail

    Autumn 2016

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2016
    The spectacular American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is the official national art and education center for intuitive, self-taught art. It opened in 1995 with… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Gabriel Tempesta thumbnail

    Summer 2016

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2016
    Gabriel Tempesta’s home and studio are perched high on the edge of a Vermont meadow, overlooking rolling forests and fields. This sublime location is reflected… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette: Linda Mirabile thumbnail

    Winter 2015

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Winter 2015
    In 1995, the Vermont legislature created the wildlife conservation license plate. Now, 20 years later, more than $2.5 million has been raised from the sale… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Autumn 2015

    by Nona Estrin | Autumn 2015
    For 16 years, Adelaide Tyrol has been writing this Outdoor Palette column. Since she’s an accomplished artist in her own right, we thought we’d turn… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Summer 2015

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2015
    Aerial landscape art includes paintings and other visual arts that depict or evoke the appearance of a landscape as it might be viewed by a… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Spring 2015

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Spring 2015
    “Perhaps the passage of time is a kind of healing, or a kind of salvation granted equally to all people.”—Mizuki Nomura Inari, Finland, is the… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Winter 2014

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Winter 2014
    "The closer the connection we feel to nature, the more we're likely to stand up and defend it." - Charles Johnson How do hundreds of… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Autumn 2014

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2014
    What is the definition of environmental art? The simplest, shortest explanation is that it is art that addresses environmental or ecological concerns. Historically, environmental art… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Summer 2014

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2014
    My visit to Thom Egan’s Hardwick, Vermont, studio this early spring came at the end of a very long, gray winter. It felt like my… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Spring 2014

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Spring 2014
    Fifteen years ago, on its centennial anniversary, The National Audubon Society recognized 100 “Champions of Conservation” in the twentieth century. All are individuals who have… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Winter 2013

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Winter 2013
    Thomas Crotty, a Massachusetts native, moved to Maine in 1964, drawn by the power and beauty of its coastal landscape. At the solo retrospective of… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Autumn 2013

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2013
    Riki Moss looks into the forest and imagines another world; a world filled with spirits and ambiguous life forms. For years, she has been engaged… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Summer 2013

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2013
    Craig Mooney is a master of atmospheric perspective. He manipulates his oil paints to reflect the effect that weather, atmosphere, and shifting light have on… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Spring 2013

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Spring 2013
    Many of us are familiar with Rebecca Merrilees’ work from the indispensable field guide Trees of North America, which she illustrated 34 years ago. It… Read More »

  • Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Winter 2012

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Winter 2012
    Those of us who live in the Northeast are familiar with the vicissitudes of winter. We know firsthand that not every day sparkles with rime… Read More »

  • Autumn 2012

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2012
    Bryan Nash Gill, Leader, 2011 30.5" x 21.5", relief print on Okawara paper We often come to understand things by isolating them. We pluck something… Read More »