Outdoor Palette

  • Summer 2012

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2012
    Dianne Shullenberger, Yellow Peony, 12” x 11”, fabric and thread, 2006 The surprise in Dianne Shullenberger’s work is that her “paintings” are not made with…

  • Spring 2012

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Spring 2012
      Betsey Garand Hark II 17 3/4” x 15 5/8”, Lift-ground aquatint monoprint and monotype, 2010   Hark: v. to listen attentively, to pay close…

  • Winter 2011

    Winter 2011
     Mark Wiener Spiral 45” x 36” acrylic and sumi ink on vellum, 2008 Mark Wiener keeps the door of his studio open seven hours a…

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    Autumn 2010

    Autumn 2010
    Oftentimes the first question a young child asks upon entering a natural history museum and seeing the stuffed specimens is: “Are these real?” Barn Owl…

  • The Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Summer 2010

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Summer 2010
    The primary goal of natural history illustration is scientific accuracy. Since the work is used to educate, it must portray a species with precision and…

  • The Outdoor Palette thumbnail

    Spring 2010

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Spring 2010
    I like to think of Sarah Knock as a topographer. She records the surface features of water as light purls across it, showing us with…

  • Autumn 2008

    by Adelaide Tyrol | Autumn 2008
    Thomas Deininger is an artist, an environmentalist, and an iconoclast. His large assemblages often fracture traditional artistic premises in an overt and seductive manner. By…