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  • Emerald Ash Borer Update from Canada

    January 8th 2010
    Dave closed by saying: “The one thing we can do is keep banging the drum: don’t move firewood. Don’t move firewood. Don’t move firewood.” To which I’d like to add: This is sort of like… Read More »

  • Why Ruffed Grouse Take Winter in Stride

    January 8th 2010
    I grew up on a farm in Orange, Vermont and often on a late afternoon in December I would see the ruffed grouse picking buds in trees along the roadway as I returned from school. … Read More »

  • Clearing the Air: Outdoor Wood Boilers Face Regulation

    January 6th 2010
    The problem with the majority of outdoor boilers is that they aren’t used correctly… because the manufacturers don’t always tell you how to use them correctly. Almost all of these boilers are designed to gasify… Read More »

  • Some Suspects in On-Going Catamount Investigation

    January 4th 2010
    I had a catamount on my property in 2004. It was during daylight hours and I watched it from inside my house for about 5 minutes until it returned to the forest. I’m in the… Read More »

  • Wood Pellets

    January 2nd 2010
    Vermont Wood Pellet is located in North Clarendon, VT just south of Rutland, VT.  Our pellets are marketed as premium, but actually qualify as super premium based on the PFI standards.  In our last testing… Read More »

  • To Hear Songbirds in Winter, Try a Little ‘Spishing’

    January 1st 2010
    I grew up in a birding household and have gone on many birdwatching trips over 40+ years, and every one of the birders involved have used the term “pishing” rather than “spishing” to describe the… Read More »

  • Artist Kathleen Kolb

    January 1st 2010
    One of the many things I love about Northern Woodlands is that it includes art as part of its consciousness about the environment and associated lifestyles. The painting referenced in this blog beautifully captures the… Read More »

  • Log Trucks and Highways

    December 28th 2009
    As the impact on roads increases with increased weight on an axle a single 40 ton truck can create the equivalent wear and tear as 9,600 cars. Personally I would prefer that damage to go… Read More »

  • How Insects Survive the Cold of Winter

    December 26th 2009
    Great story.  I have never really considered how insects survive—I just figured short life spans—laying eggs which hatch in the spring.  Thanks for your article! Read More »

  • Common juniper, Juniperus communis

    December 22nd 2009
    A trip through the digestive tract of a bird greatly increases the chance that a juniper seed will germinate. Although the seeds retain their viability for several years, the germination rate of seeds that have… Read More »

  • Log Trucks and Highways

    December 21st 2009
    I worked in the pulp and paper industry for my entire working career. I watched chip trailers break while unloading on the chip dumps and saw the lack of good maintenance on the log trucks.… Read More »

  • Plants From Afar Brighten Yule Spirits

    December 20th 2009
    Thanks for this interesting article! A refreshing take on the season. Read More »

  • Log Trucks and Highways

    December 20th 2009
    Good that the trucks can get around better . . . but all I can think of is the poor souls in any vehicle trying to get across central Vermont to New York (and vice… Read More »

  • Providing Heat is the Most Efficient Use of Biomass

    December 20th 2009
    How does efficiency of use of biomass in producing biochar compare with that for producing heat?  When one produces biochar, less heat is obtained than by burning, but then the biochar has important value as… Read More »

  • At Work Making Coffins with Richard Winter

    December 20th 2009
    Richard is a very warm and gentle soul, and this has been his love for many many years!  I respect and love him. Dane Read More »

  • Log Trucks and Highways

    December 19th 2009
    I know truckers won’t like to hear it, but there IS a practical limit on what highways can tolerate weight-wise. Every time a new housing development goes in here in the country, the concrete and… Read More »

  • Plants From Afar Brighten Yule Spirits

    December 18th 2009
    Don’t forget Winterberry, Ilex verticillata, in our wetlands, too. Brilliant red berries if the migrating robins (and fawns, arggh) leave them alone! Read More »

  • First Snow

    December 15th 2009
    Nice essay. Really captures the feeling of that first snow, especially when it comes late. Reminds me of one of my favorite snowfall moments: The only times in my life when I experienced true and… Read More »

  • First Snow

    December 14th 2009
    That Dave Mance who writes forest management plans is my dad. I’ll be sure to forward this to him, Mike. He’ll no doubt enjoy the trip down memory lane, even as he’s disappointed by the… Read More »

  • First Snow

    December 12th 2009
    Totally unrelated to the article, other than there was crusty snow in Hardenburgh yesterday, I walked a property owned by the Zen Study Society that Dave Mance wrote a management plan for. It was a… Read More »