The Outside Story

The Outside Story is a series of weekly ecology articles that has been appearing in newspapers across New Hampshire and Vermont since 2002. The series is underwritten by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - Upper Valley Region and edited by Elise Tillinghast at Northern Woodlands. To suggest a topic for a future article, inquire about writing for the series, or learn how to bring the series to your local paper, contact Elise.

Some of our favorite articles from the series have been collected in The Outside Story - local writers explore the nature of New Hampshire and Vermont and The Outside Story Vol.2, available in the Northern Woodlands online shop and at bookstores across the region.

“This is the finest, and most timeless, almanac I’ve ever seen. For those of us who cohabit northern New England with the bear and the grosbeak and the trillium, it is the single easiest (and most charming) introduction to our neighbors, to our place, and to the passage of time that’s yet been written.” - Bill McKibben

Latest Article from The Outside Story

High Water and Hidden Possibility on the Soggy Edge of Spring

The word has fallen out of use since the late 1800s, but you might hear its echo this time of year wherever streams carve channels through the land. Listen for the sound of water rushing over rocks and bursting into spray at the crest of a wave. Freshet.  

This annual surge of snowmelt and rainwater gathers force from surrounding hillsides and concentrates it into a torrent of eye-catching contrasts. Dark water plunges over a ledge and billows up as… Read More »

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