• <p>All lit up: There’s a lot of flashing (and courtship) going on in this Massachusetts field. This image was created by “stacking” 270 individual photographs of 8 seconds each – a total of 36 minutes of exposure time. Photo by Jonathan Mcelvery.</p>

    Silent Sparks

    by Sara Lewis | June 20th 2017
    As daylight drains from the summer sky, a cool breeze rustles through a hay-scented New England meadow.…
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The Outside Story

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    Bird Feet

    by Meghan McCarthy McPhaul
    As spring’s crescendo of birdsong mellows now to a steadier summer trill, I listen for…
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    Summer Skaters

    by Declan McCabe
    Scanning a sunlit pond floor for crayfish, I was distracted by seven dark spots gliding…
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Weekly Quotation

There was a time when pitch pine forests were prolific through parts of the Hudson Valley in New York and the Merrimack Valley in New Hampshire. In Maine, the tree accounted for 43 percent of the pine south of Penobscot Bay.
—Emery Gluck, “Yankee Tarheels: Remembering the Pitch Pine Industry of Colonial America," Northern Woodlands Summer 2015