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    Tracking Tips: Looking Closely at Bear Nests

    by Susan C. Morse | September 29th 2017

    Except for the Minnesota black bear that chose to spend the winter hibernating 70 feet… More…

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    Easy Wood

    by Castle Freeman, Jr. | September 21st 2017

    If you have much to do with firewood, and if you have retained your amateur… More…

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    Song of the Balsam Fir

    by David George Haskell | September 6th 2017

    Kakabeka, northwestern Ontario 48°23’45.7” N, 89°37’17.2” W I stand on a stony bluff overlooking a… More…

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Over time, those non-forest patches tend to multiply and expand until eventually the forest is reduced to scattered, disconnected forest islands. The surrounding non-forest lands and land uses seriously threaten the health, function, and value of the remaining forest.
—Michael Snyder, “What Is Forest Fragmentation and Why Is It A Problem?,” Northern Woodlands Autumn 2014