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    Outdoor Palette: Visionary Art

    by Adelaide Tyrol | November 14th 2016

    The spectacular American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is the official national art and education… More…

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    Wild Water

    by Northern Woodlands - Photos by John Snell | November 10th 2016

    Water gets its poetic due, and with good reason. As composer Paul Winter wrote in… More…

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    Lake Laboratory

    by Cheryl Lyn Dybas | October 27th 2016

    Technology tracks the toll road salt, phosphorus, and invasive species are taking on Lake George… More…

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Understanding the workings of wound response in trees underscores another difference between the way the process works in trees versus people. Whereas we may do well to slather a cut with anti microbial ointment and cover it with a bandage, this is decidedly not helpful to a tree.
—Michael Snyder, “Woods Whys: How Do Trees Heal Wounds on Trunks and Branches?," Northern Woodlands