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  • When a Tree Falls in a Forest

    June 26th 2018
    I have 30 acres of natural forest. At least 4 types of conifers, almost every type of oak, sugar and red maple, poplars and birch. It has remained natural with the exception of putting in… Read More »

  • Claude G. Dern, One of a Kind

    June 23rd 2018
    Claude will be truly missed. I logged for him for a number of years up to him closing the doors of Paul Bunyan Logging. The best boss I have ever had. A truly great friend… Read More »

  • Claude G. Dern, One of a Kind

    June 22nd 2018
    Patrick, a great article.  I worked with Claude off and on when I was with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Bennington County.  I always learned something and I think I was probably on the… Read More »

  • A Slow Start for Snapping Turtles

    June 22nd 2018
    In areas where Black Bears are common, they are a major predator of turtle eggs, both Snapping and Painted turtles. I have seen many times where they have violently dug out nests, scattering eggs far… Read More »

  • Appreciating Woodchucks

    June 18th 2018
    I’m sorry but you did not write any positives about woodchucks….are there any? Read More »

  • Ants: Small Workers With Large Roles

    June 17th 2018
    Thank you for this information! I was curious about all the ants on our peonies. Read More »

  • Words Matter

    June 17th 2018
    A.  This is the sort of thing lawmakers do that make people respect them less.  B.  We do eat waaaay too much sugar.  But I wonder if this will be like when fat was demonized. … Read More »

  • A Slow Start for Snapping Turtles

    June 15th 2018
    I’ve seen the most snapping turtles this year then ever before. Read More »

  • A Slow Start for Snapping Turtles

    June 14th 2018
    Had a chance to watch about 20 snapping turtles hatch when I lived on Westover Field on the farm in the late 1940’s. What s treat for a 10 year old! Read More »

  • Backyard Chipmunks Living the Good Life

    June 12th 2018
    Nice if you want them otherwise they are very destructive.I do not agree with feeding them they end up dependent of humans. No thanks. Read More »

  • Words Matter

    June 11th 2018
    Thanks Dave. I’ve commented. Read More »

  • Words Matter

    June 10th 2018
    Are they planning to put “Added Sugar” on bags of granulated sugar?  If not, they can’t do it to honey or maple syrup either. Read More »

  • Words Matter

    June 9th 2018
    The term “added sugar” means extra sugar has been added to a product—not that the natural content of the product has its own high sugar content. Will the FDA now require sugar packaging to contain… Read More »

  • Words Matter

    June 8th 2018
    “Added” should mean what is added to an item of food. Not that it is “added” to my diet. Read More »

  • Emerald Ash Borers

    June 3rd 2018
    Sadly the emerald ash borer has recently been found in Maine. See article Read More »

  • The Other Treefrog

    June 2nd 2018
    Can this frog be found on a gutter outside a porch? Read More »

  • Rotten Luck

    May 30th 2018
    Terrific article on fascinating research!  Thank you.  Just as in medical research, various organisms HAVE BEEN DOING what we seek to accomplish.  Very fascinating to use the “expert fungi” to break down wood. Read More »

  • Flying Squirrels: North vs. South

    May 29th 2018
    My family is caring for one after the rehab center said they were full (much like Scott said) and they are the fastest and most adorable things ever. We also got a tin of walnuts,… Read More »

  • Two Species or One?

    May 29th 2018
    I had a similar experience this year, Michael, in that many of my proven grounds did not produce well. But I did find good flushes in places that were new to me, so all in… Read More »

  • Appreciating Woodchucks

    May 28th 2018
    While living in New Hampshire years ago, the elegant old Queen Mary-style shared adult home where I worked had a couple of ‘chucks who came close, so we made friends with them, and the residents… Read More »