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  • The Porcupine

    December 10th 2018
    I am not sure that a porcupine would find much favor with my neighbors - maybe less than the chipmunks and squirrels, occasional skunks, infrequent opposums, and just three visits bears have found in my… Read More »

  • The Porcupine

    December 10th 2018
    What a lovely story. I have had several memorable encounters with porcupines around my house. One porky who came by must have been old and blind. I could walk up to him and he didn’t… Read More »

  • World Without Whitetails

    December 9th 2018
    Are you proposing we replace white tails with kangaroos? (lead-off photo!!)  :) Read More »

  • How Do Toads Avoid Croaking in Winter?

    December 8th 2018
    Found one in our pool in FL. Put him outside the enclosure where bugs also roam. He seemed lethargic. Why was he not burrowed in somewhere. Will it survive in 30 degree weather? Read More »

  • Forestry in Iceland?

    December 8th 2018
    Good introduction to the question of forest cover in Iceland. Thanks Read More »

  • Snakes and Toads Provide Garden Pest Control

    December 7th 2018
    I have at least 60 american brown toads living in my mulch around my home. You see them on cloudy days, rainy days and at night. They have some of these little houses to dig… Read More »

  • Animals and Alcohol

    December 5th 2018
    Great article, Brett! I have always been curious about squirrels that seem to go berserk in a particular pile of mulch or leaf mold like cats with catnip. They somersault, leap, bounce off nearby objects,… Read More »

  • Flying Squirrels: North vs. South

    December 4th 2018
    I read that flying squirrels can transmit Typhus…is this true? Read More »

  • How Do Toads Avoid Croaking in Winter?

    December 2nd 2018
    I just discovered a toad in my basement, no clue how it got there - perhaps when the hatchway was open during recent furnace cleaning.  He was in front of the clothes dryer and on… Read More »

  • Wild Myths & Woolly Bears

    December 1st 2018
    My friend attempted to eat a wooly worm. She was unsuccessful and currently has the hairs of the wooly worms stuck in the roof of her mouth her tongue and her gums. Her mouth is… Read More »

  • Boisterous Blue Jays Flock in Winter

    December 1st 2018
    I can’t say I’m that fond of them. I had beautiful -singing mockingbirds in my backyard Hawthorne tree for 2 years running. Blue jays showed up and seemed to take over. I found eggs,babies, and… Read More »

  • Saving the Wood Turtle

    November 30th 2018
    Please, I need help in reaching someone who can guide me. We have Wood Turtles in danger in Woodbury CT due to a Dollar General wanting to build on a site. The town is fighting… Read More »

  • Flying Squirrels: North vs. South

    November 29th 2018
    We have had flying squirrels in our attic probably for the last 2 years.  We would even hear them in the walls of the 2nd floor. If I knocked on the wall while they were… Read More »

  • Peeling Logs

    November 28th 2018
    Hi, will the bark on a log cut in the fall loosen up by spring? Thank you, Fran Read More »

  • Tracking Tips: Fisher or Otter?

    November 27th 2018
    Slides are pretty solid evidence it’s an otter. The males especially are wanderers—one Alaskan study documented males with a home range greater than 125 square miles—and they will often travel over land to get from… Read More »

  • Top Flowers: Adaptations for Living on the Alpine Edge

    November 26th 2018
    Hello! I am writing an annotated bibliography for an ecology course I’m taking at Sterling College.  I’m doing Diapensia lapponica.  There isn’t a ton of information on this plant it seems, and I would love… Read More »

  • Flight of the Flunker Moth

    November 26th 2018
    Thanks folks! I sugared for the first time last year…and did indeed have a few moths in my buckets….great idea…thanks Malcolm. Jen, I stand corrected. They are challenging for me to tell apart, but the… Read More »

  • The Soul of a Dead Woodsman

    November 26th 2018
    Absolutely riveting essay. Thank you! Read More »

  • Flight of the Flunker Moth

    November 26th 2018
    If you found this in northern VT it is likely not the invasive winter moth but one of the natives; Fall Cankerworm or Bruce Spanworm. Read More »

  • Up A Ladder For Kestrels

    November 25th 2018
    Is there anyone banding young kestrels in Vermont now?  Or monitoring any kestrel nest boxes?  I’m trying to pull together an article about kestrels in the Northeast states and Vermont is the one state I… Read More »