What in the Woods is That?

  • Alien Life-form thumbnail

    Alien Life-form

    September 18th 2009

    No, it’s not an alien life-form; and that’s all the help I’m giving you. What in the woods is it?

  • Telephone Pole thumbnail

    Telephone Pole

    September 11th 2009

    Dave Anderson was hiking along a telephone line right-of-way near Long Pond in Lempster, New Hampshire, when he noticed a telephone pole that was completely snapped off and was hanging suspended from its wires. A closer look revealed several other poles had significant structural damage. The site was remote enough…

  • Maple Leaf thumbnail

    Maple Leaf

    September 4th 2009

    This maple leaf seems covered with Nerds candy. A quick taste reveals the bumps in question are anything but sweet. What in the woods is it?

  • Curious-looking Insect thumbnail

    Curious-looking Insect

    August 28th 2009

    This curious-looking insect rests on a black-eyed Susan. What kind of bug is it? Common name is fine.

  • Cliff Face Oddities thumbnail

    Cliff Face Oddities

    August 21st 2009

    These oddities are draped across a cliff face. What in the woods is this?

  • Adirondack Purple Box thumbnail

    Adirondack Purple Box

    August 14th 2009

    This peculiar, purple object was seen hanging near a campground in the Adirondacks. What is it?

  • Maple Mushroom thumbnail

    Maple Mushroom

    August 7th 2009

    This mushroom seems to ooze out of a dead maple in Corinth, Vermont. What is it?