What in the Woods is That?

  • Mystery Mound thumbnail

    Mystery Mound

    December 9th 2016

    This moss-covered mound, around 100 feet long and 4 feet wide, was spotted high on a mountain in a stand of red spruce and balsam fir. What do you think it might be?

  • What in the Water? thumbnail

    What in the Water?

    November 23rd 2016

    Dana Hillesland sent us these photos she took in northwestern New Hampshire in October. We want to know: What in the Water is That?

  • Cylindrical Stumper thumbnail

    Cylindrical Stumper

    November 10th 2016

    What are we looking at here?

  • Fuzzy Puzzler thumbnail

    Fuzzy Puzzler

    October 28th 2016

    Spotted beside a pond. What’s on this sapling?

  • Leaves of Three thumbnail

    Leaves of Three

    October 14th 2016

    “Leaves of three, let them be” is the old saying to help keep you from touching poison ivy, but not all plants that have leaves or leaflets arranged in groups of threes have the potential to cause you discomfort. These five plants were observed in mid-summer in southern Vermont on…

  • Forest Floor Mystery thumbnail

    Forest Floor Mystery

    September 29th 2016

    A bit of fall color on the forest floor. What are we looking at here? (Thanks to Tammis Coffin for the photo.)

  • Mossy Mystery thumbnail

    Mossy Mystery

    September 16th 2016

    Ben Haubrich sent us these photos of some mossy logs he found beside a pond in southwestern New Hampshire. How long ago were they cut, do you figure?

  • Tree ID & Oddity thumbnail

    Tree ID & Oddity

    September 2nd 2016

    What kind of tree is this, and what happened to the bark?

  • Game Cam Grabber thumbnail

    Game Cam Grabber

    August 19th 2016

    Ear’s this week’s question: What’s lurking just below the view of this game camera?

  • Mystifying Misfortune thumbnail

    Mystifying Misfortune

    August 5th 2016

    What happened to this maple tree?