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  • Besmirched! thumbnail


    by Declan McCabe |
    Jade Jarvis and Alyssa Valentyn were maintaining their research trail cameras at Saint Michael’s College when they noticed a brown smudge obscuring the lens of…

  • He’s Even Been in the Onion Patch thumbnail

    He’s Even Been in the Onion Patch

    by Dave Mance III |
    At this organization we will not tolerate a bad word said about the legendary flatpicker Doc Watson. The man was an icon. And yet it…

  • Fox News thumbnail

    Fox News

    by Northern Woodlands |
    Brick Moltz, the education director at The Fells Historic Estate on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire, shared this wonderful series of images of a fox…

  • Late Summer in Mid-March thumbnail

    Late Summer in Mid-March

    by Dave Mance III |
    We’ve been running this game camera feature on our website since 2015, so as you can imagine we’ve collected thousands of pictures. The catch is…

  • Tale of the Midnight Bunny thumbnail

    Tale of the Midnight Bunny

    by Declan McCabe |
    Eastern cottontail rabbits are frequently described as crepuscular, meaning active at dawn and dusk. The Virtual Nature Trail at Penn State New Kensington, an online…

  • Living on the Edge thumbnail

    Living on the Edge

    by Dave Mance III |
    Many wild animals have a fondness for edge habitat, but foxes especially so. It could be the edge of a meadow, or a lake, or…

  • Playing Possum thumbnail

    Playing Possum

    by Declan McCabe |
    When I was about age 10, Mrs. Garvey assigned an essay to read on opossums. Never mind that we lived 3,000 miles from the nearest…

  • Perhaps the Best Game Camera Shot Ever Taken thumbnail

    Perhaps the Best Game Camera Shot Ever Taken

    by Dave Mance III |
    This picture of an amazingly ambitious golden eagle was taken in West Virginia and submitted by Brian Kain to biologist Kevin Oxenrider, who then submitted…

  • Whitetail Behavior and Physiology thumbnail

    Whitetail Behavior and Physiology

    by Dave Mance III |
    Like a lot of hunters, I keep tabs on the deer around our camp with trail cameras that are left up year-round. This particular four-day…

  • Camera-Strap-Wrestling Coyotes thumbnail

    Camera-Strap-Wrestling Coyotes

    by Declan McCabe |
    For years, as a committed insect ecologist, I resisted student requests to work on mammals. My objections included bite risk, rabies shots, Institutional Animal Care…

  • A Summer’s Worth of Shots thumbnail

    A Summer’s Worth of Shots

    by Sonia DeYoung |
    The fisher darted through the trees from one overgrown field to another. The narrowest sliver of moon had set: a perfect night for hunting. Three…

  • Welcome to Phoebeville thumbnail

    Welcome to Phoebeville

    by Meghan McCarthy McPhaul |
    This is more of an iPhone camera tale. I do have a game camera – a Moultrie M-550 – and I use it in somewhat…

  • Not Guilty thumbnail

    Not Guilty

    by Elise Tillinghast |
    We have a patch of about 100 pink moccasin lady’s slippers in our woods, and every year, some of the blossoms get munched. We assumed…

  • Best Laid Plans… thumbnail

    Best Laid Plans…

    by Dave Mance III |
    We ended our last game camera entry this way: For our next installment, we’ll set a camera up in some edge habitat on the top…

  • Sawdust Social thumbnail

    Sawdust Social

    by Dave Mance III |
    We’ve been landing a bunch of pine logs within 100 feet or so of Route 7A – a major rural route in Vermont. Our sugarbush…

  • Lessons From Professor Bobcat thumbnail

    Lessons From Professor Bobcat

    by Eric Aldrich |
    Editor’s Note: This blog is by our friend Eric Aldrich. You can see more of his images on the Hancock Wildlife Cam on Facebook. For…

  • A Community of Camera Trappers thumbnail

    A Community of Camera Trappers

    by Northern Woodlands |
    In their early days, game cameras were marketed mostly to hunters looking to get a leg up in understanding the population of specific game species…

  • Last Cow In The Woods thumbnail

    Last Cow In The Woods

    by Elise Tillinghast |
    An old wagon road begins in our apple orchard, drops down into the woods, and parallels our field. Like many old roads, it’s bordered by…

  • OBSESSION for Squirrels thumbnail

    OBSESSION for Squirrels

    by Dave Mance III |
    So a few years back there was a story making the rounds about some scientists who were using Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men cologne to…

  • Marking Behavior thumbnail

    Marking Behavior

    by Janet Pesaturo |
    Janet Pesaturo is a writer, educator, and CyberTracker certified wildlife tracker. Check out her winter tracking programs and camera trapping blog here. Some of the…