What in the Woods is That?

  • Shrouded in Green thumbnail

    Shrouded in Green

    June 10th 2016

    What is hiding beneath the leaves?

  • Lawn Flower Mystery thumbnail

    Lawn Flower Mystery

    May 27th 2016

    It’s the beginning of another mowing season, and green is only one of many colors found on most rural lawns. While yellow dandelions are seemingly everywhere, these small white and purple flowers are also a common sight. What are they?

  • Vernal Pool Puzzlement thumbnail

    Vernal Pool Puzzlement

    May 13th 2016

    Found in a vernal pool in late April. What is it?

  • Spring Stumper thumbnail

    Spring Stumper

    April 29th 2016

    Great early spring bird food…what are they?

  • Curious Tenants thumbnail

    Curious Tenants

    April 14th 2016

    This polypore shelf fungus was found on a large aspen tree in Vermont. But what’s that living inside?

  • Dubious Discovery thumbnail

    Dubious Discovery

    April 1st 2016

    This substance was recently discovered beneath a hemlock that displayed multiple holes and oozing sap. What is it?

  • Classic Conundrum thumbnail

    Classic Conundrum

    March 18th 2016

    Back to the basics for this one: what in the woods is this?

  • Baffling Beavers thumbnail

    Baffling Beavers

    March 4th 2016

    We’re flipping the script a little this time. If you’ve ever spent time in a beaver flowage, you’ve probably seen unexplained (maybe unexplainable) beaver chewing like this. For some reason, some beavers chew trees into blocks, similar to how a log would be bucked into firewood. Many of these logs…

  • Perplexing Protrusion thumbnail

    Perplexing Protrusion

    February 19th 2016

    What’s protruding from this birch?

  • Tree Oddity thumbnail

    Tree Oddity

    February 5th 2016

    It looks a bit like a golf ball that’s been run over, but what really caused this growth?