What in the Woods is That?

  • Vernal Pool Puzzlement thumbnail

    Vernal Pool Puzzlement

    May 13th 2016

    Found in a vernal pool in late April. What is it?

  • Spring Stumper thumbnail

    Spring Stumper

    April 29th 2016

    Great early spring bird food…what are they?

  • Curious Tenants thumbnail

    Curious Tenants

    April 14th 2016

    This polypore shelf fungus was found on a large aspen tree in Vermont. But what’s that living inside?

  • Dubious Discovery thumbnail

    Dubious Discovery

    April 1st 2016

    This substance was recently discovered beneath a hemlock that displayed multiple holes and oozing sap. What is it?

  • Classic Conundrum thumbnail

    Classic Conundrum

    March 18th 2016

    Back to the basics for this one: what in the woods is this?

  • Baffling Beavers thumbnail

    Baffling Beavers

    March 4th 2016

    We’re flipping the script a little this time. If you’ve ever spent time in a beaver flowage, you’ve probably seen unexplained (maybe unexplainable) beaver chewing like this. For some reason, some beavers chew trees into blocks, similar to how a log would be bucked into firewood. Many of these logs…

  • Perplexing Protrusion thumbnail

    Perplexing Protrusion

    February 19th 2016

    What’s protruding from this birch?

  • Tree Oddity thumbnail

    Tree Oddity

    February 5th 2016

    It looks a bit like a golf ball that’s been run over, but what really caused this growth?

  • A Puzzling Project thumbnail

    A Puzzling Project

    January 22nd 2016

    Ken Kinder took this photo in late fall in northern Vermont. What was the purpose of the project?

  • Mysterious Tag Along thumbnail

    Mysterious Tag Along

    January 8th 2016

    Who hasn’t come back from a walk outdoors looking like this? But do you know the name of the plant these burrs came from?