What in the Woods is That?

  • Mossy Mystery thumbnail

    Mossy Mystery

    September 16th 2016

    Ben Haubrich sent us these photos of some mossy logs he found beside a pond in southwestern New Hampshire. How long ago were they cut, do you figure?

  • Tree ID & Oddity thumbnail

    Tree ID & Oddity

    September 2nd 2016

    What kind of tree is this, and what happened to the bark?

  • Game Cam Grabber thumbnail

    Game Cam Grabber

    August 19th 2016

    Ear’s this week’s question: What’s lurking just below the view of this game camera?

  • Mystifying Misfortune thumbnail

    Mystifying Misfortune

    August 5th 2016

    What happened to this maple tree?

  • Late July Fuzz thumbnail

    Late July Fuzz

    July 21st 2016

    We took these photos recently of a tree in full flower, in mid-July, in Vermont. Do you know what kind of tree it is?

  • Aliens? thumbnail


    July 8th 2016

    What’s on these leaves?

  • Name Those Firs thumbnail

    Name Those Firs

    June 22nd 2016

    Because different species and varieties of trees break bud at different times, there’s a big variance in the amount of new growth this time of year at Christmas tree farms. Using the new foliage as one clue, can you identify the order of the trees in these photos from left…

  • Shrouded in Green thumbnail

    Shrouded in Green

    June 10th 2016

    What is hiding beneath the leaves?

  • Lawn Flower Mystery thumbnail

    Lawn Flower Mystery

    May 27th 2016

    It’s the beginning of another mowing season, and green is only one of many colors found on most rural lawns. While yellow dandelions are seemingly everywhere, these small white and purple flowers are also a common sight. What are they?

  • Vernal Pool Puzzlement thumbnail

    Vernal Pool Puzzlement

    May 13th 2016

    Found in a vernal pool in late April. What is it?