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  • Tick Nipper

    Tick Nipper

    As you will read in our 2008 feature story, Tale of the Tick: How Lyme Disease is Expanding Northward,"...researchers recently…
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  • Northern Woodlands Log Carrier

    Northern Woodlands Log Carrier

    Our log carrier is handy to have around all year. It’s 27” wide x 17” high x 9” deep, reinforced…
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  • 20X Loupe

    20X Loupe

    The loupes are 21mm and have two lenses which eliminates the optical distortion encountered in single-lens loupe. Lens folds into…
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  • Forestry Toolkit

    Forestry Toolkit

    Order both the 10-Factor Prism and Diameter Tape at a special price.
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  • 10-Factor Prism

    10-Factor Prism

    The 10-Factor Prism is used to measure basal area.  We only carry the clear prism. Comes with instructions.  
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  • Diameter Tape

    Diameter Tape

    The 10-foot-long diameter tape measures trees up to 38 inches in diameter.  Comes with a laminated chart showing the volume…
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