Northern Woodlands For Educators

Northern Woodlands For Educators

Environmental educators report that Northern Woodlands delivers the quality place-based education resources they are looking for.

Discover how you can leverage our resources in your classroom or nature center:

Northern Woodlands Magazine: Published quarterly, this magazine promotes a greater understanding of the ecological and human benefits of forests, and a deeper appreciation for our shared role as stewards of local nature. Northern Woodlands magazine is available FREE as a digital resource to both teachers and students. Click here to learn more. A treasure-trove of archived articles and exclusive web content. Search for subjects most important to your class or browse for inspiration.

Educator’s eNewsletter: Aa bi-weekly resource containing a phenology calendar, nature columns, an ecology guessing game, news, and more. Select "Educator's eNewsletter" on the registration page when you sign up!

The Outside Story essay series: This weekly ecology series features a diversity of natural history topics.

If you have questions about our resources, please contact Emily.