Pewter Fern Pendant

  • Pewter Fern Pendant


    Tom Slayton, editor emeritus of Vermont Life Magazine, writes: "Ferns reward a close look. Their beauty is easy to appreciate from afar – the way a bed of ferns catches the sunlight filtering down among the trees, splashing bright green on the forest floor, enriching and somehow softening almost any woodsy glade. But to truly appreciate them – to learn about them – you must stop and inspect one. Closely. It’s only when you bend down, turn over a frond, and look carefully that they begin to give up their secrets..."

    This fern corded necklace has a handcrafted pewter pendant on a black leather cord. The pendant is 2 inches high and 1 3/16 inches wide and comes on an 18-inch black leather cord. Made in Vermont.