The Outside Story, Volume 2

  • The Outside Story, Volume 2



    How do trees fight beavers?
    Why do trout have spots?
    Are there ten coyotes howling, or just two?
    If robins migrate, how come they’re at my feeder this winter?

    The Outside Story is a weekly ecology essay series edited by the staff of Northern Woodlands magazine, compiled here into our second volume, with interior illustrations and the cover painting by Adelaide Tyrol. Organized by month, the 72 essays in this book offer a fun and often surprising look at everyday nature of the Northeast. Also included are week-to-week calendars of natural events and suggestions for hands-on outdoor learning.


    This is a smorgasbord menu of delicious tidbits
    of the north woods. A fun read.

    Bernd Heinrich

    The Outside Story is a series of short literary treks into the heart of the
    natural world, each of which lifts a small veil off the face of something
    mundane, misunderstood, or unknown. These essays reveal the inner
    beauty of place, process, and participant, a gateway into the nature
    of a number of the other life forms that shape northern woodlands.
    Unequivocally, this book is the ideal companion for a field guide.

    Ted Levin

    228 pgs,  softbound
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