NW Illustrator Honored for Work

Adelaide Tyrol's award-winning painting.

Readers of Northern Woodlands will be familiar with artist Adelaide Tyrol’s work: her paintings regularly illustrate our Under the Microscope and Species in the Spotlight columns; her work also graces The Outside Story, our weekly syndicated newspaper column.

Another place you can find Adelaide’s work is in the halls of the New York State Museum, in Albany, New York. Tyrol was recently selected for the museum’s biennial Focus on Nature exhibition – she’s one of 73 artists from 13 different countries who were given the honor. What’s more, her painting of a whirligig beetle won a prestigious Jury Award – an award denoting outstanding achievement.

We can vouch that Tyrol researches her subjects exhaustively. In the course of her work for Northern Woodlands, she has made many visits to the state entomologist and spent hours examining minute insects under the microscope. One time she gratefully accepted delivery of a live wood frog so that she could see its details for herself. We’re pleased that the whirligig has won this award. As is typical of her work, it’s both artistically daring and scientifically precise.

The Focus on Nature exhibition runs through October 31. The New York State Museum is located on Madison Avenue in Albany, New York. Call (518) 474-5877, or visit www.nysm.nysed.gov for more information.


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