NESAF Leads the Way

The New England Society of American Foresters (NESAF) showed that it is not afraid to go out on a limb when it became the first of the SAF's 34 regional organizations to endorse a Society report called "Sustaining Long-term Forest Health and Productivity."

This report contains the findings of a task force which was convened over two years ago to consider new approaches to forest management. It includes prescriptions for managing ecosystems, regardless of the fact that these commonly span more than one ownership. Long-term forest health and productivity are the primary goals, and the importance of animal inhabitants, both large and small, is emphasized, along with traditional multiple-use management. NESAF has convened a study team to determine how these recommendations can best be implemented in New England.

The report has created a stir in forestry circles and detractors feel that the scientific basis for these new approaches is not yet in place. In addition, they say that translating recommendations into reality will not be a simple task.

Alan Calfee is Chair of the Green Mountain Division of the SAF and can be reached at 362-1472 if you want more information about this issue.


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