A Brief History of Northern Woodlands

1994 Virginia Barlow and Stephen Long, neighbors in Corinth, Vermont, partnered to start a forestry magazine. Vermont Woodlands premiered in the summer of that year as a 28-page, two-color publication with a circulation of less than 1,000.

1998 Developed a program for students in middle and high school that has evolved into Northern Woodlands Goes to School a program designed to provide educators with environmental education resources.

1999 Recognizing that all of New England and New York needed to be involved in this important discussion, Vermont Woodlands became Northern Woodlands to serve that expanded geography.

2002 Began syndicating weekly ecology columns that appear in newspapers across the region. Known as "The Outside Story", the columns now reach a readership of 120,000.

2003 Became incorporated as a nonprofit, the Center for Northern Woodlands Education, Inc., operating with the tradename of Northern Woodlands. Attracted the support and expertise of a committed board of directors, professionals with diverse experience and a passion for the Northern Forest, making it possible to expand the mission further.

2006 Branched out with two new publications, region-specific versions of The Place You Call Home, one for the Catskills and one for the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire; and The Outside Story, a paperback collection of the syndicated columns.

2007 Planning for a new edition of The Place You Call Home: Vermont. Work begins on Northern Woodlands Guide to Stewardship, a three-book series for people who own forestland and want to be good stewards.

2008 Published the Vermont edition of The Place You Call Home. Redesigned the website to attract visitors of all ages and forest interests.

2009 Planning for a new edition of The Place You Call Home: New York.

2010 Walter Medwid is hired as executive director. Steve Long steps back into a consultant role. Managing editor Dave Mance is promoted to editor.

2011 Published the New York edition of The Place You Call Home. Launched the bi-weekly Educator's E-Newsletter as a component of the Northern Woodlands Goes to School program.

2012 Published More Than a Woodlot: getting the most from your family forest, authored by Steve Long, co-authored by Virginia Barlow, Irwin Post, Michael Snyder, Charlie Thompson, and Chuck Wooster - an indispensable guide for woodland owners. Elise Tillinghast is hired as executive director.

2013 The Outside Story is launched as a e-book

Northern Woodlands is now a 84-page, full-color, perfect-bound quarterly with a paid circulation of 16,500. It is a benefit of membership to these associations:

New England Forestry Foundation
Vermont Woodlands Association
New York Forest Owners Association

Programs of Northern Woodlands

We accomplish our mission of “advancing a culture of forest stewardship in the Northeast” through the following distinct programs:

Northern Woodlands magazine: A new way of looking at the forest! An award-winning 84-page, four-color, perfect bound, quarterly publication serving New England and New York, sold by subscription and on newsstands and provided as a benefit of membership to regional associations.

Northern Woodlands Goes to School: A program that connects educators with place-based environmental education resources.

The Outside Story: syndicated weekly ecology column, currently reaching over 120,000 readers via regional newspapers and email, thanks to a partnership with the Wellborn Ecology Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Upper Valley region. In 2007, we released our first book, also called The Outside Story, a best-of-anthology of the syndicated columns.

The Place You Call Home: A Guide to Caring for Your Land: Magazine-format guides for landowners new to forest ownership. We published our first two versions in 2006: one for the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont and one for the Catskills, a third version in 2008 for the State of Vermont, and a fourth in 2011 for the State of New York.

NorthernWoodlands.org: Our website provides information from our publications along with other forest-related material.

Two bi-weekly e-newsletter editions: one is designed for general Northern Woodland audiences and one is designed to serve educators who want to bring the outdoors into their classroom.


Northern Woodlands has received a number of awards including recent recognition from: Northern Forest Center, New England Wild Flower Society, Northeastern Loggers Association, the New England Society of American Foresters, the Fairbanks Museum's Franklin Fairbanks Award and Steve Long and Virginia Barlow received the 2011 Vermont Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence for their Northern Woodlands work.

Major Grants & Gifts

Generous support comes annually from more than 1,000 individuals, businesses, and foundations. Prominent among them are:

Wellborn Ecology Fund of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation – Upper Valley Region, Maine TREE Foundation, Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Institute, French Foundation, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, Plum Creek Foundation, New York Forest Owner's Association