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  • Summer House Guests

    July 10th 2017
    I didn’t know that phoebes had two clutches and, the first year I had her nest, I took it down and properly cleaned up. I felt so bad when she started to build again in… Read More »

  • When Tapping, Don’t Disregard Red Maple

    July 8th 2017
    Dave in Corinth, Are you a Porter? Read More »

  • How Mange, a Terminal Disease, Afflicts Red Fox

    July 7th 2017
    Just saw bony, reddish fox with long, straight and not bushy tail. It was scratching and scratching itself, also dragging its butt like a dog with worms. Right in my yard, next to wooded area… Read More »

  • Burying Beetles: Nature’s Undertakers

    July 3rd 2017
    I left a watering can in the garden for a couple days, half-full of diluted fish emulsion. When I went to use the rest of it, out poured six burying beetles that had been drawn… Read More »

  • The Other Treefrog

    July 2nd 2017
    We have a gray tree frog that stays in the side burner of our grill most of the time.  This is the second year he has done this…at least we think it is the same… Read More »

  • Tips for Game Camera Success

    July 1st 2017
    This is awesome!  Thank you for sharing.  Do you have any of the photos of the visitors? Read More »

  • Maul vs. Axe

    June 29th 2017
    I believe some people cannot tell the difference between a splitting maul and a splitting axe. I too was confused when I first saw this tool. A splitting maul is essentially a type of an… Read More »

  • Mushroom and Metaphor

    June 27th 2017
    Exquisite writing! A beautiful hook, and enticement. Great back story that set the stage. This article created an eagerness in me to get out there and discover. Read More »

  • Wintergreen

    June 27th 2017
    I enjoyed reading Kathy’s story about wintergreen. I have fond memories of my mother making wintergreen tea for me as a child. Do you know where dried leaves can be bought or how I could… Read More »

  • Queen Victoria

    June 27th 2017
    Another fine editorial, Dave. I believe your phrase “cultural conservation” succinctly describes the mission of Northern Woodlands. Keep it alive, it’s worth saving. Read More »

  • Mud Bug Trouble

    June 25th 2017
    My family and I are moving to Concord, New Hampshire in a couple weeks and my 5 year old son really wants to explore and find crawfish. Can anyone offer some tips about where and… Read More »

  • Silent Sparks

    June 24th 2017
    This was absolutely fascinating!  We have many fields at our house and I enjoy the fireflies immensely.  Our back yard field is SO full of them that when I walk into the field I get… Read More »

  • The Fisher: Elusive, Fast and a Porcupine’s Worst Nightmare

    June 24th 2017
    A fisher was photographed in the Bronx three years ago: Read More »

  • Queen Victoria

    June 23rd 2017
    The only difference is that the coal miners life is killing them had. That they are not healthy and happy. The factory workers were getting high union wages and had boats and cars and lived… Read More »

  • Queen Victoria

    June 23rd 2017
    What a great editorial. Pictures do say a 1000 words. Read More »

  • The Fisher: Elusive, Fast and a Porcupine’s Worst Nightmare

    June 17th 2017
    I have heard them scream working a a fresh water marsh invoking terror to nesting geese and ducks. I assume raiding eggs while the females are sitting on them. They are no match for this… Read More »

  • What'll We Do With The Baby-o?

    June 15th 2017
    Great article.  I’ve had the same experience, except in a reverse.  I’m the teacher who gets to stay home in the summer with my little girl.  I find myself thinking the same way though -… Read More »

  • The Fisher: Elusive, Fast and a Porcupine’s Worst Nightmare

    June 13th 2017
    Have seen fishers crossing my yard and the road here around Mansfield Hollow Lake. Have also heard a horrible scream a few times and was told it was a fisher cat, but it could also… Read More »

  • Tricks of the Trade: Living Fenceposts

    June 12th 2017
    I have many trees down both sides of my property and a large deer population that is devastating my gardens. If I run the wire across the tress like your picture and then attach mesh… Read More »

  • The Fisher: Elusive, Fast and a Porcupine’s Worst Nightmare

    June 12th 2017
    I see no benefit in repopulating fishers. They are vicious killers who I believe have killed more pet cats than porcupines.  Because they are so fast and quick animals don’t even have a fighting chance. … Read More »