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  • Maul vs. Axe

    April 24th 2017
    I’ve got to say, good reading.  I just bought a Truper brand 6lb. maul because I got a new saw for Christmas and probably dropped a few more Ash trees than I feel like processing. … Read More »

  • How Do Trees Know When to Leaf Out in the Spring?

    April 24th 2017
    I planted a maple tree in November. It’s late April and nothing is showing growth. Read More »

  • A Brief History of the Brown Paper Company

    April 23rd 2017
    My grandfather, William H. Palmer, was the finishing room superintendent at Cascade when he retired in 1947-9.  My mother and father both went to Berlin High School. My other grandfather was Treasurer of the Berlin… Read More »

  • Big Tree, Small Bar

    April 21st 2017
    Good info, thanks! Read More »

  • Moose Suffers From Cousin’s Parasite

    April 21st 2017
    What kind of deworming medication works on moose? Read More »

  • Lost Histories: The Story of New England's Stone Chambers

    April 20th 2017
    I believe Giovanna Peebles’ Iceland discovery unknowingly strengthened the connection of North America to Atlantis… “In a 1954 issue of Geological Society of America, Bulletin, Bruce Heezen and others reported on a seamount - an… Read More »

  • Woodpile Wisdom: How It All Stacks Up

    April 20th 2017
    One year we (we?, some stacking help from the wife and kids) bought 120 cords of log length wood. All the wood was cut with a chainsaw, split with a mechanical splitter, and stacked by… Read More »

  • Scribing a Saddle Notch

    April 20th 2017
    I’d estimate it takes about an hour and a half per notch, Paul. Too many variables to answer how long it takes to build a cabin, but the short answer is a long time. There’s… Read More »

  • Birds in Focus: Drumroll, Please

    April 19th 2017
    This past week a Northern Flicker discovered the awesome resonance of my two metal roof vent caps (kitchen and bath). I’m pretty sure it’s louder inside than out! Read More »

  • The Biltmore Stick

    April 18th 2017
    My husbands grandfather worked for George Vanderbilt and Dr. Schenck.  His parents spent time with Dr. Schneider and he has built his own Biltmore stick. Many stories he could have told. Read More »

  • Dragonflies on the Move

    April 18th 2017
    I was walking my dog on the Chesapeake Bay in fall of 2012 when I was standing in the middle of millions of dragonflies going south.  The best part about it is they flew right… Read More »

  • Dispatch from the Sugarwoods Part 2

    April 17th 2017
    I’ve been sugaring for almost 50 years in 3 different states. Technology has changed things a lot over those years. The news media will often say that earlier tapping/boiling dates means spring is coming sooner… Read More »

  • Black Birch Tea: A Delicate Winter Brew

    April 17th 2017
    Very helpful information. Wish I had found this before brewing my first batch. Now I have a mission - get more twigs and try again. I know the flavor will be improved because on my… Read More »

  • Scribing a Saddle Notch

    April 16th 2017
    How long does it take to do one notch?  Times two per log plus time to debark times however many logs it will take?  How many man hours to build a cabin average? Read More »

  • The Trees of Christmas Past and Future

    April 15th 2017
    Our environment has been “burned” so many times by introducing species from other parts of the world. How many more times do we have to introduce an exotic species before we learn we are inviting… Read More »

  • Removing Those Dam Things

    April 14th 2017
    Removing certain dams can be serious problem, as there is usually a huge pile of sediment that has been building up over the many years that it has been there. Some dams are simpler to… Read More »

  • Dispatch from the Sugarwoods Part 4

    April 14th 2017
    I always enjoy these updates, and now with 6 years of sugaring under my belt, I feel like I can add my own 2 cents. I’ve done research on maple sap at the Harvard Forest… Read More »

  • Dispatch from the Sugarwoods Part 4

    April 14th 2017
    Our Feb sap was low in sugar and full of niter. We don’t have an R.O., so that meant a long time boiling for the magic to happen. We ended up with sandy pans, and… Read More »

  • Bore Cutting Basics

    April 9th 2017
    Been cutting trees for30 +years so I love cutting trees and using my 3 awesome saws. And to be really safe. I love felling trees and buck them up. So exicted to be here with… Read More »

  • Foxes Active in Late Winter

    April 8th 2017
    I have had a small lovely grey fox visiting my bird feeders since early January. Since most of the time it come between 7 and 9 pm I am able to sit and watch it… Read More »