Adelaide Tyrol Painting Raffle

  • Adelaide Tyrol Painting Raffle

    FEBRUARY 14, 2017 UPDATE:

    We have our winner! Thank you all for supporting us through this raffle.


    A random moment, fully recognized can embrace the spirit and lead us to a deeper understanding of life. For me, the source is contained in the natural world; the process of painting is an attempt to communicate with and understand its well-spring. —Adelaide Tyrol

    Adelaide Tyrol has masterfully illustrated The Outside Story sydicated column and Northern Woodlands magazine articles for decades, communicating the micro details of a subject while eliciting a macro sense of place.

    To support our nonprofit mission, The Center for Northern Woodlands Education is pleased to be raffling Adelaide's original acrylic painting commissioned for the cover of The Outside Story, vol. 2, our new compilation of natural history essays. Painted on a wood panel, it measures 43" wide by 24" high and 1" deep. It's ready to hang, unframed, with its painted edges.

    We will only sell 500 tickets so the chances of winning are in your favor - especially if you buy multiples! The drawing will be on February 14, 2017, independently conducted by a small cherubic child in our office.

    We will ship this remarkable piece to the lucky winner anywhere within the continental USA