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  • Something Sweet in New York thumbnail

    Something Sweet in New York

    by Danielle Owczarski | Spring 2013
    Postal workers have postal routes; milk truck drivers have milk routes. But a maple route? Last spring, The Wild Center, a nonprofit environmental education organization…

  • Sugarhouse Registration thumbnail

    Sugarhouse Registration

    by Northern Woodlands | Spring 2013
    Rumors have been swirling in sugarmaking circles about government registration of sugarhouses in all the states where maple syrup is produced. We asked Matthew Gordon,…

  • Negotiating A Sugarbush Lease thumbnail

    Negotiating A Sugarbush Lease

    by Dave Mance Jr. | Spring 2013
    One could be forgiven for thinking the U.S. maple industry is in decline, considering the poor sugaring season in 2012 and fears about climate change,…

  • Creating Carbon Credit thumbnail

    Creating Carbon Credit

    by Chuck Wooster | Spring 2013
    Well-managed forestland provides a host of benefits to society, from flood mitigation to wildlife habitat to carbon sequestration, and there’s long been talk about finding…

  • The Ranger School Celebrates 100 thumbnail

    The Ranger School Celebrates 100

    by Liz Marsden | Winter 2012
    For many, fond memories of college might include football games, Homecoming, and perhaps a keg party or three. For the alumni of The Ranger School,…

  • Repairing Culverts in a Post-Irene World thumbnail

    Repairing Culverts in a Post-Irene World

    by Meghan Oliver | Winter 2012
    All too often, discussions about culverts center around two different objectives. There’s the practical side: designing and sizing a structure that will protect roads. And…

  • At Home on the (Tree) Farm thumbnail

    At Home on the (Tree) Farm

    by Jack Saul | Autumn 2012
    Some might call it a plantation, and some a tree farm, but my family refers to it simply as “the farm.” To the outside observer,…

  • The Forecast Calls for Change thumbnail

    The Forecast Calls for Change

    by Meghan Oliver | Autumn 2012
    At the Mohonk Mountain Preserve in New York’s Shawangunk Mountains, naturalists have been collecting data on weather, spring migrants, plant life, and seasonal milestones for…

  • Return of the Chestnut thumbnail

    Return of the Chestnut

    by Liz Marsden | Autumn 2012
    In his New York Times best-seller A Walk in the Woods, author Bill Bryson mourns the loss of the “massively graceful” American chestnut: “There has…

  • Northeastern Bat Update thumbnail

    Northeastern Bat Update

    by Madeline Bodin | Summer 2012
    It’s been five years since biologists found the first bats killed by white-nose syndrome in a cave near Albany, New York. It’s been four years…

  • In Remembrance: Cameron Cope thumbnail

    In Remembrance: Cameron Cope

    by Charles Johnson | Summer 2012
    Editor’s Note: On December 31, 2011, Cameron Cope passed away. Orange County, Vermont, lost a good logger, and former Vermont State Naturalist, Charles Johnson, lost…

  • Working Forest Conservation Easement thumbnail

    Working Forest Conservation Easement

    by Ann Davis | Summer 2012
    Ten years ago, my husband Marc and I sold our business in Chicago and acquired a woodlot in New Hampshire, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream…

  • A Light in the Forest thumbnail

    A Light in the Forest

    by Frank Kaczmarek | Summer 2012
    The late summer air is cool and heavy as I reach the trailhead. To hike through a forest at night is to move through a…

  • Not Your Grandma’s Field Guide thumbnail

    Not Your Grandma’s Field Guide

    by Meghan Oliver | Winter 2011
    So your tech-savvy child or spouse got you an iPad for Christmas and assured you that this device would change your life. “Thanks,” you said…

  • Drum from a Hide thumbnail

    Drum from a Hide

    by Dave Mance III | Winter 2011
    When hunter Matt Harwood from Shaftsbury, Vermont showed us a drum he’d made from a deer hide, we were struck by the practicality of the…

  • Make Your Own Axe Handle thumbnail

    Make Your Own Axe Handle

    by Ross Morgan | Autumn 2011
    Henry David Thoreau admired a hand-made axe handle in a journal entry made more than 150 years ago: “Those made by hand are considered stronger…

  • Spruce Up Your ID Skills thumbnail

    Spruce Up Your ID Skills

    by Jackson Saul | Autumn 2011
    The tree in question is conical, its cones dangling from skyward-curving branches, scaly bark covering its tapered trunk. Short, four-sided needles radiate spirally from each…

  • Remembering Spruce Gum thumbnail

    Remembering Spruce Gum

    by Dave Fuller | Autumn 2011
    I can still remember my first chew of spruce gum. Like so many other children from Maine, my dad gave me that first amber nugget.…

  • Exploding Flowers thumbnail

    Exploding Flowers

    by Virginia Barlow | Spring 2011
    Spring’s grace and beauty will soon be everywhere – cue the Stravinsky. Courting songbirds will rule the air, wetlands will resonate with love-mad croaking, and…

  • Marrow Core Analysis thumbnail

    Marrow Core Analysis

    by Susan C. Morse | Spring 2011
    Thirty years ago, I discovered the carcass of a handsome buck draped awkwardly over sharp-edged rocks. It was May and the grip of winter had…