Knots and Bolts Archive

  • Wood Sorrels thumbnail

    Wood Sorrels

    by Benjamin Lord | Summer 2016
    Many people who profess to know nothing about wild plants forget that they enjoyed eating wood sorrel (Oxalis spp.) greens as children. It’s a common…

  • Border Forests: Legacies of the Iron Curtain thumbnail

    Border Forests: Legacies of the Iron Curtain

    by Kerstin Lange | Spring 2016
    It was the woods that brought me to Vermont. More precisely, it was the footpath through its woods – the Long Trail. Its moniker “A…

  • Bug in a Bolt thumbnail

    Bug in a Bolt

    by Elizabeth Lee | Spring 2016
    Like many North Country residents, I typically light my woodstove in November, burning 16-inch logs until April. While carting an armload last winter, I noticed…

  • Marsh-marigold: An Underappreciated Spring Green thumbnail

    Marsh-marigold: An Underappreciated Spring Green

    by Benjamin Lord | Spring 2016
    The marsh-marigold (Caltha palustris) (also known as cowslip and kingcup) is not a marigold at all; it is a member of the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae)…

  • Four Decades of Management thumbnail

    Four Decades of Management

    by Phil Primack | Spring 2016
    Dive-bombed by deer flies and jabbed by blackberry thorns, I was in a rush to cut down the beech trees that were blocking the growth…

  • When a Tree Falls in a Forest thumbnail

    When a Tree Falls in a Forest

    by Rebecca Heisman | Winter 2015
    Say you want to know how long a fallen tree takes to completely decompose. You could walk into the woods, cut a tree down, and…

  • What Lead Leaves Behind thumbnail

    What Lead Leaves Behind

    by Kristen Fountain | Winter 2015
    As scavengers, vultures rely on leftovers that hunters, both animal and human, leave behind. And when they feed on carcasses or gut-piles of animals that…

  • Burdock: A Food That Will Really Grab You thumbnail

    Burdock: A Food That Will Really Grab You

    by Benjamin Lord | Winter 2015
    Burdock (Arctium lappa) fits the anti-foraging stereotype: – big, bitter leaves, tough and weedy, with an ugly, gnarled root. “And you want to eat that?”…

  • Forestry in Iceland? thumbnail

    Forestry in Iceland?

    by Kerstin Lange | Winter 2015
    People don’t generally associate Iceland with trees, much less forests. In fact, a casual visitor might dispute the notion that there are any trees or…

  • The Foothold Trap thumbnail

    The Foothold Trap

    by Northern Woodlands | Winter 2015
    Don Wharton’s piece on Adirondack mountain men got us wondering about the history of the foothold trap in America. So we looked into things and…

  • A Family Forest Takes Shape thumbnail

    A Family Forest Takes Shape

    by Steven Eustis | Winter 2015
    We’ve owned our forest in Starksboro, Vermont, since 2005, and have added to it over the years by purchasing adjacent properties; the entire parcel now…

  • Eye Protection thumbnail

    Eye Protection

    by Mary Holland | Autumn 2015
    You and I have two opaque eyelids, one above the eye and one beneath. When we blink, they meet in the middle. Some birds, amphibians,…

  • Managing Ecological Change in a Nonprofit Working Woodland thumbnail

    Managing Ecological Change in a Nonprofit Working Woodland

    by Hans M. Carlson | Autumn 2015
    Great Mountain Forest (GMF) occupies slightly more than 6,000 acres at the southern end of the Berkshires, in northwest Connecticut. The forest was under private…

  • Cattail Rhizome: Flour from the Marsh thumbnail

    Cattail Rhizome: Flour from the Marsh

    by Benjamin Lord | Autumn 2015
    It is not an exaggeration to call the cattail (Typha spp.) the supermarket of the marsh. Food can be procured from cattails during any season…

  • Sumac-ade thumbnail


    by Benjamin Lord | Summer 2015
    I’m not the type to crave foods, wild or otherwise, but on the hottest days of summer when the cicadas are whirring, I do get…

  • Stewardship Out in the Open at Hidden Valley thumbnail

    Stewardship Out in the Open at Hidden Valley

    by Joe Rankin | Summer 2015
    Tracy Moskovitz and Bambi Jones just can’t seem to stop buying land. It started innocently enough in 1978, “when Bambi went down to the Post…

  • Fox Versus Raccoon thumbnail

    Fox Versus Raccoon

    by Mary Holland | Summer 2015
    While observing the antics of a litter of red fox kits, I witnessed an encounter between the kits’ mother and a very large raccoon. The…

  • On the Mosquito Trapline thumbnail

    On the Mosquito Trapline

    by Sophia Veltrop | Summer 2015
    I’m out hunting an unlikely target: mosquitoes. At each stop along the road, I pull on a bug net and gaiters, wrestle a cylindrical vacuum…

  • Community Forestry in Guatemala thumbnail

    Community Forestry in Guatemala

    by Benjamin D. Hodgdon | Summer 2015
    The view from atop the great Mayan pyramids of Tikal, in Guatemala’s Petén region, reveals something that is increasingly difficult to find in the tropics…

  • Building Local thumbnail

    Building Local

    by Rebecca DiGirolomo | Spring 2015
    It was early, even for the birds, when photographer Bill Byrne and I arrived at Jim Conkey’s sawmill in New Salem, Massachusetts. C & M…