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  • Plant-Eating Apparitions thumbnail

    Plant-Eating Apparitions

    by John Anderson | Summer 2008
    In my neighborhood, there are biennial outbreaks of plant-eating apparitions. (No, I have not been smoking anything illegal.) Let me explain. “Apparition” in Greek is…

  • Paving, Floods, and Forests thumbnail

    Paving, Floods, and Forests

    by Thomas A. Stone | Summer 2008
    Satellite technology and geographic information systems (GIS) now allow us to accurately show how much of a landscape is paved or covered with impervious surfaces.…

  • A Forest for Every Town thumbnail

    A Forest for Every Town

    by Anne Margolis | Summer 2008
    Human history is peppered with movements. There were the big ones: abolition, civil rights, suffrage, environmental protection. And then there were the myriad little ones,…

  • The Call of the Bittern thumbnail

    The Call of the Bittern

    by Warner Shedd | Summer 2008
    “Stop the car and back up!” my wife, Edie, exclaimed. “I think I saw something in the pasture.” The wet pasture, by a sluggish little…

  • Fingerprinting the Fisher thumbnail

    Fingerprinting the Fisher

    by Madeline Bodin | Spring 2008
    Counting fishers in the rugged terrain of New York’s Adirondack Mountains is tough on scientists – and on the fishers. A new technique, which identifies…

  • Planning for an Invasion thumbnail

    Planning for an Invasion

    by Chuck Wooster | Spring 2008
    “The arrival of the emerald ash borer is seemingly imminent, and there are no known methods of control,” warns Peter Smallidge of New York’s Cooperative…

  • An Icy Life on the St. John River thumbnail

    An Icy Life on the St. John River

    by Louie Pelletier | Spring 2008
      Travel north beyond the rocky coastline of Maine, beyond Baxter State Park and the mighty Mt. Katahdin, through the industrial forests that have sustained…

  • Thrushes from Top to Bottom thumbnail

    Thrushes from Top to Bottom

    by Michael Gaige | Spring 2008
          Unless you are a fanatical birder, you may not be able to differentiate between the five species of brown thrushes found in…

  • Coyote or Coydog? thumbnail

    Coyote or Coydog?

    by Dave Mance, III | Autumn 2007
    “Coydog” is an established word in the North Country vernacular, but are there really half-coyote, half-domestic dog hybrids roaming our forests and fields? Wildlife biologists…

  • Looking Through Jewelweed thumbnail

    Looking Through Jewelweed

    by Francette Cerulli | Summer 2007
    Jewelweed has to be one of the wateriest plants in existence. If you doubt it, just hold some of it between yourself and a light…

  • Red versus Sugar thumbnail

    Red versus Sugar

    by Chuck Wooster | Spring 2007
    There you are, leaning against a big maple in your sugarbush, drill and tap at the ready, when you think, “Wait a minute…is this a…

  • The Ants Go Marching… thumbnail

    The Ants Go Marching…

    by Kathryn Lund Johnson | Spring 2007
    And so do the spiders, the springtails, the beetles, and the wasps. If you’ve ever been out for a walk in the woods on a…

  • Hold that Embryo thumbnail

    Hold that Embryo

    by Anne Margolis | Winter 2006
    In most of the animal kingdom, it’s the same story: egg meets sperm, embryo forms, and life emerges a set number of weeks afterwards. In…

  • Tick or Treat thumbnail

    Tick or Treat

    by Northern Woodlands | Autumn 2006
    Last Halloween, biology students at U-32 High School in Montpelier, Vermont, got all decked out – not to go trick or treating – but in…

  • Maul vs. Axe thumbnail

    Maul vs. Axe

    by Chuck Wooster | Autumn 2006
    If you want to identify yourself as someone who knows nothing about the subject, announce that you’re headed out to the woodshed to chop some…

  • Correction thumbnail


    by Northern Woodlands | Summer 2006
    In our story, “Putting Wood in Your Gas Tank,” in the Spring 2006 issue, it was stated that the part of the corn plant that…

  • Getting a Fix on Declination thumbnail

    Getting a Fix on Declination

    by Chuck Wooster | Summer 2006
    “You can’t get there from here” is a classic Yankee punchline, usually delivered at the end of a joke involving an old-timer, a bewildered tourist,…

  • The Outdoors Comes In thumbnail

    The Outdoors Comes In

    by Carrie Chandler | Summer 2006
    When summer downpours drive you indoors, or you’re weary from a day-hiking or canoeing, you might be surprised to find that the outdoors can be…

  • Indian Pipe thumbnail

    Indian Pipe

    by Edna Greig | Summer 2006
    An oddity in the plant world is the roughly one percent of plant species that do not manufacture their own carbohydrates via photosynthesis. Instead, these…

  • Against All Odds thumbnail

    Against All Odds

    by Patrick Bartlett | Summer 2006
    Working as a consultant forester, I get to see some unusual things in the forest, but what I found last winter on a woodlot in…