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  • Last Cow In The Woods thumbnail

    Last Cow In The Woods

    by Elise Tillinghast |
    An old wagon road begins in our apple orchard, drops down into the woods, and parallels our field. Like many old roads, it’s bordered by…

  • OBSESSION for Squirrels thumbnail

    OBSESSION for Squirrels

    by Dave Mance III |
    So a few years back there was a story making the rounds about some scientists who were using Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men cologne to…

  • Marking Behavior thumbnail

    Marking Behavior

    by Janet Pesaturo |
    Janet Pesaturo is a writer, educator, and CyberTracker certified wildlife tracker. Check out her winter tracking programs and camera trapping blog here. Some of the…

  • The Whitetail Rut thumbnail

    The Whitetail Rut

    by Northern Woodlands |
    The most prominent event in the November woods is the whitetail rut, and in the spirit of the season, we’re thrilled to be able to…

  • Whose Hole Could That Be? thumbnail

    Whose Hole Could That Be?

    by Emily Rowe |
    I love gnarly trees, and one of the gnarliest I’ve seen is located on the back corner of my central Vermont property. It’s a monstrous…

  • Green Day thumbnail

    Green Day

    by Dave Mance III |
    In a world where the natural environment is usually categorized as land or water, a swamp manages to be both. Deer and ducks, mink and…

  • Sick As a Fox thumbnail

    Sick As a Fox

    by Dave Mance III |
    Transition zones are attractive to many mammals, so we set this camera trap up on an edge where a stand of spruce met a stand…

  • Dinner Time thumbnail

    Dinner Time

    by Dave Mance III |
    Human life can, at times, seem chaffingly structured. We rise at the same time every day and make little daily migrations to the same building;…

  • Strut On Lonely Dancer thumbnail

    Strut On Lonely Dancer

    by Dave Mance III |
    May is turkey season in the Northeast, a time when the sight and sound of a strutting tom is sure to stir a bird hunter’s…

  • Olfactory Enthrallment thumbnail

    Olfactory Enthrallment

    by Dave Mance III |
    One of the first steps to understanding animal behavior is to recognize that many species interact with the world through their noses. Beavers are a…

  • A Muybridgian Sequence thumbnail

    A Muybridgian Sequence

    by Dave Mance III |
    In winter, camera trapping gets both harder and easier. The challenges include short days that limit the opportunity for color daytime photos, cold temperatures that…

  • Mesopredator Picnic thumbnail

    Mesopredator Picnic

    by Janet Pesaturo |
    Editor's note: This blog is by our friend Janet Pesaturo, a writer, educator, and CyberTracker certified wildlife tracker. Check out her wildlife tracking programs here.…

  • Adirondack Deer Migration thumbnail

    Adirondack Deer Migration

    by Donald Wharton |
    Editor’s Note: This blog is by our friend Don Wharton; check out Don’s story on Adirondack hermits in our Winter 2015 issue. Six or seven…

  • Pre-Season Stand-Off thumbnail

    Pre-Season Stand-Off

    by Dave Mance III |
    By now, hunters around the Northeast are counting the days until (deer hunting) rifle season. In the spirit of the season, we thought we’d share…

  • Otter’s Big Debut thumbnail

    Otter’s Big Debut

    by Dave Mance III |
    We see a lot of game camera pictures of deer, bear, moose – the big charismatic animals that people love. And so to be different…

  • Game Cameras for Northern Woodlands thumbnail

    Game Cameras for Northern Woodlands

    by Dave Mance III |
    Welcome to the new Northern Woodlands Game Camera blog! We were inspired by all the great game camera pictures readers have sent us over the…