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  • Along the Way thumbnail

    Along the Way

    by Virginia Barlow | August 29th 2008
    During summer trips to visit family, from home in Vermont to Connecticut, and then from home to Maine and back, I’ve been checking out a…

  • Shrine to Conservation

    by Stephen Long | August 21st 2008
    Last Saturday, I went down to Woodstock for the 10th anniversary celebration of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park. The event was also the unveiling of their…

  • Renting the Splitter thumbnail

    Renting the Splitter

    by Chuck Wooster | August 14th 2008
    We rented a hydraulic splitter last week for processing firewood. It was the first time I’d ever used one. The task at hand was a…

  • Notes from the New Guy

    by Dave Mance III | July 18th 2008
    Hi! My name’s Dave Mance III. I’m the new Managing Editor at Northern Woodlands magazine, which is to say that I’m the new Anne Margolis…

  • What Goes Around, Comes Around

    by Amy Peberdy | July 11th 2008
    A lot of you know Ken Gagnon – he’s a real nice guy. He’s got a family-owned mill in Pittsford, Vermont. When I called him…

  • Morels thumbnail


    by Stephen Long | June 13th 2008
    In years past, I’ve come across nice patches of morels in our woods at the end of May and into June. They seem to respond…

  • Farm, Forest, and Diesel Fuel

    by Chuck Wooster | May 23rd 2008
    I live something of a double life: member of the Northern Woodlands team by day and owner/operator of an organic vegetable farm by night. (Time-wise,…

  • Kickin’ Tires thumbnail

    Kickin’ Tires

    by Stephen Long | May 8th 2008
    Back when we started Northern Woodlands (as Vermont Woodlands in 1994), we hardly knew what we were getting in for as far as the business…

  • Green Up thumbnail

    Green Up

    by Virginia Barlow | April 25th 2008
    It might seem odd that a person would really and truly enjoy Green-up day. Around here, it’s on the first Saturday in May that people…

  • Catherine Tudish

    by Stephen Long | April 18th 2008
    It’s always a treat when one of your alumni makes good. That’s how I felt when I just read a glowing review of Catherine Tudish’s…

  • Town Forests thumbnail

    Town Forests

    by Anne Margolis | April 7th 2008
    A few Saturdays ago, I attended the third annual Vermont Town Forest Project summit. It was held in Hinesburg, Vermont, a town that lies about…

  • Forestry Awareness Day

    by Stephen Long | March 21st 2008
    When observers of goings-on at the State House in Albany, New York, recall the events of March 10, 2008, chances are they will remember it…

  • Installing a Wood Boiler

    by Chuck Wooster | March 14th 2008
    As we worked on editing the Outdoor Wood Boiler article in the current issue of the magazine, I began to think seriously about installing such…

  • The Place You Call Home thumbnail

    The Place You Call Home

    by Stephen Long | March 7th 2008
    When you buy a car, you receive an owner’s manual. When you buy an appliance like a refrigerator, you get an owner’s manual. It makes…

  • Terrific Novel of Backwoods Vermont

    by Stephen Long | January 25th 2008
    Last Sunday afternoon, I picked up Castle Freeman’s Go With Me, and started reading it around 4:00. I finished sometime after 9:00, stopping only to…

  • Outdoor Wood Boilers

    by Chuck Wooster | January 18th 2008
    We’ve been developing an article for the upcoming issue about outdoor wood boilers, and the topic has been driving us a bit crazy. On the…

  • Forester, Logger, Landowner

    by Stephen Long | January 11th 2008
    It happened again the other day. I was reading a newspaper article, and the writer used the word “forester” to describe a person who owns…

  • Let It Snow thumbnail

    Let It Snow

    by Stephen Long | December 21st 2007
    Winter will officially begin on Saturday, but it is already kicking in around here, making those of us of a certain age reminisce about the…

  • Welcome to Our New Website

    by Stephen Long | December 11th 2007
    I’m a print guy, but I haven’t always been a print guy. My first involvement with media was nearly 30 years ago, when I learned…