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  • Wet Weather Wondering thumbnail

    Wet Weather Wondering

    by Dave Mance III | July 28th 2009
    It’s been one of the cooler, wetter summers in memory, enough so that everyday banter about the weather seems even more ubiquitous than usual. A…

  • Thymelicus Lineola In the Fields thumbnail

    Thymelicus Lineola In the Fields

    by Dave Mance III | July 10th 2009
    We were on a gravel road that wound through a hayfield—just walking through, talking as we went. At first the butterflies were so tiny that…

  • Vermont’s Current Use Program thumbnail

    Vermont’s Current Use Program

    by Dave Mance III | June 26th 2009
    Vermont’s Current Use Program is one of those rare pieces of legislation that garners high praise from both the left and right side of the…

  • Why Hire a Forester? thumbnail

    Why Hire a Forester?

    by Dave Mance III | June 19th 2009
    So the other day a mass mailing went out to landowners in Corinth, Vermont from a timber harvest/tree removal company in New Hampshire. The company…

  • Sinkhole Mystery thumbnail

    Sinkhole Mystery

    by Dave Mance III | June 12th 2009
    My friend E’s a barrel-chested logger who lives down in southwestern Vermont. He’s a tough hombre, as is anyone who makes their living cutting trees.…

  • What Should I Plant? thumbnail

    What Should I Plant?

    by Dave Mance III | June 5th 2009
    My brother and his fiancé just built a log cabin home on a broomstick lot in southern Vermont. It was a bit of a nightmare…

  • Lynx and Logging thumbnail

    Lynx and Logging

    by Dave Mance III | May 29th 2009
    The good news is that Canada Lynx are thriving in Maine. Hundreds of the leggy, snow-loving cats are breeding in the state’s vast north woods,…

  • The Early Garden thumbnail

    The Early Garden

    by Dave Mance III | May 22nd 2009
    There’s something about the beginning of things; Bohemian poets are always reveling here: new lovers, fresh starts, changed perspectives. For those of us with underdeveloped…

  • Don’t Get Lost in Migration thumbnail

    Don’t Get Lost in Migration

    by Lora Nielsen | May 15th 2009
    As Charles W. Johnson began in our April 20, 2009 Outside Story article on biological clocks, “It is a magical time we anticipate for months…the…

  • Amelanchier By Any Other Name

    by Steve Long | May 8th 2009
    Our first showy tree blossoms of spring are popping out all around us now. Alternatively known as shadbush or serviceberry, assorted varieties of Amelanchier are…

  • Foraging for the Springtime Ramp thumbnail

    Foraging for the Springtime Ramp

    by Dave Mance III | May 1st 2009
    While experienced foragers can make gourmet meals out of any number of wild plants – from cattail roots to stinging nettle leaves – most amateurs…

  • In Sight of the Property Line thumbnail

    In Sight of the Property Line

    by Dave Mance III | April 24th 2009
    Blake Thomsen, a licensed land surveyor from Chelsea, Vermont, contacted the magazine with a request that we run a small blurb explaining to landowners why…

  • Let a Kid Take You Fishing thumbnail

    Let a Kid Take You Fishing

    by Dave Mance III | April 17th 2009
    It was Sunday morning, last Sunday morning, and dawn was just breaking in fishing camp. First there were birds singing in complete darkness: prophets? Cheerleaders?…

  • Ticks Revisited thumbnail

    Ticks Revisited

    by Dave Mance III | April 2nd 2009
    Maple Sunday—March 29—was the last day of our maple sugaring season. The sap’s still running but the sugar content has dropped to the point where…

  • The Upside-down Tree thumbnail

    The Upside-down Tree

    by Virginia Barlow | March 27th 2009
    On a recent trip to East Africa I was swept off my feet by the baobob tree, as has happened to many other travelers. How…

  • The Business of the Environment thumbnail

    The Business of the Environment

    by Steve Long | March 13th 2009
    I came across a recent story in The Oregonian (“Fall in wood products market redirects environmentalist strategy,” by Michael Milstein, December 20, 2008) talking about…

  • Sweet Expectations thumbnail

    Sweet Expectations

    by Dave Mance III | March 6th 2009
    The 2009 season began in earnest last Friday. We had a small run in our southern Vermont sugarbush – enough to make the first syrup…

  • Cell Phone Reception in Rural Vermont thumbnail

    Cell Phone Reception in Rural Vermont

    by Stephen Long | February 20th 2009
    As far as I can tell, there is no cell phone reception anywhere in the Town of Corinth. Consequently, in the office and at home,…

  • Life in the Sugarbush thumbnail

    Life in the Sugarbush

    by Dave Mance III | February 13th 2009
    In early summer, our main sugarbush is a lush, earthy place. Limestone knolls roll into soggy spring-fed depressions. Two-hundred year old maples loom – their…

  • Snow thumbnail


    by Virginia Barlow | February 6th 2009
    I don’t know anyone who knows the names of 18 kinds of snow, which, as legend has it, any Inuit can easily reel off at…