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  • L-O-L-A Lola? thumbnail

    L-O-L-A Lola?

    by Dave Mance III | December 3rd 2009
    It’s not uncommon for pictures of hunter-killed buck deer to show up in my email inbox; what was strange about this case was the title…

  • Opening Camp thumbnail

    Opening Camp

    by Dave Mance III | November 12th 2009
    Consult any deer camp journal and you’ll read that each year camp is “opened” the Friday before hunting season, as in: “11-13-09 Joe opened camp…

  • Wood Pellets thumbnail

    Wood Pellets

    by Dave Mance III | November 6th 2009
    While sawtimber mills and markets continue to struggle, the fuelwood portion of the forest economy is growing slowly. Recent good news out of Maine has…

  • Moose Part 2 thumbnail

    Moose Part 2

    by Dave Mance III | October 30th 2009
    “Thanks for coming with me,” said Trev. “Sorry we couldn’t close the deal.” His voice was tired then, and a touch disappointed. He was thinking…

  • Return of the Moose thumbnail

    Return of the Moose

    by Dave Mance III | October 22nd 2009
    Moose are arguably the most novel of all North American large mammals, if for no other reason than their strange appearance. Whereas deer and elk…

  • Logging at the Fair thumbnail

    Logging at the Fair

    by Lora Nielsen | October 13th 2009
    On September 25, Lora Nielsen, our Administrative Coordinator, attended the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. What follows is her report. There’s nothing like a…

  • What Do Deer Want? thumbnail

    What Do Deer Want?

    by Dave Mance III | October 8th 2009
    Dwight Garner wrote an entertaining book review in the New York Times recently on Elizabeth Marshall Thomas’s new book: The Hidden Lives of Deer. You…

  • PTO-Driven Firewood Processors thumbnail

    PTO-Driven Firewood Processors

    by Dave Mance III | October 2nd 2009
    As a thirty-something year old guy who came of age in the boom years of the 1990s, I’ve been bombarded with advertising pretty much since…

  • Tenho Saudades thumbnail

    Tenho Saudades

    by Dave Mance III | September 24th 2009
    On calendars and on magazine covers, autumn is usually rendered glossy and exhilarating: the foliage always neon orange against azure skies, humans and their fall…

  • Bull Moose in the Newsroom thumbnail

    Bull Moose in the Newsroom

    by Dave Mance III | September 17th 2009
    If we could afford to do it, we’d make the Letters to the Editor section of the magazine 20 pages long. Our readers are the…

  • Choosing a Tree thumbnail

    Choosing a Tree

    by Lora Nielsen | September 7th 2009
    Managing Editor Dave Mance is on vacation this week, so I hijacked his blog . . . -Lora Nielsen, Administrative Coordinator Our dog Ruby was…

  • Earning A View thumbnail

    Earning A View

    by Dave Mance III | August 31st 2009
    The trail up Burnt Rock Mountain in north-central Vermont is a consistently rugged scramble up exposed granite ledge, the kind that makes ribbons out of…

  • Congratulation to Young VT Writers! thumbnail

    Congratulation to Young VT Writers!

    by Dave Mance III | August 24th 2009
    In honor of their 100-year anniversary, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation (FP&R) recently held a youth writing contest, where school-aged children were…

  • A Reservoir of History thumbnail

    A Reservoir of History

    by Dave Mance III | August 17th 2009
    One of the best parts about having older fishing companions is that trips often double as history lessons. Last weekend one such lesson unfolded on…

  • New Spout Has Sugarmakers Talking thumbnail

    New Spout Has Sugarmakers Talking

    by Dave Mance III | August 10th 2009
    Each year the Vermont Maple Sugarmakers’ Association holds its annual Maplerama event – an excuse for sugarmakers from around the state to get together, talk…

  • Truck Diving Bear thumbnail

    Truck Diving Bear

    by Dave Mance III | August 3rd 2009
    When we tout the benefits of country living, safety is often at the top of the list. (“I never lock my doors!”) Break-ins and vandalism…

  • Wet Weather Wondering thumbnail

    Wet Weather Wondering

    by Dave Mance III | July 28th 2009
    It’s been one of the cooler, wetter summers in memory, enough so that everyday banter about the weather seems even more ubiquitous than usual. A…

  • Thymelicus Lineola In the Fields thumbnail

    Thymelicus Lineola In the Fields

    by Dave Mance III | July 10th 2009
    We were on a gravel road that wound through a hayfield—just walking through, talking as we went. At first the butterflies were so tiny that…

  • Vermont’s Current Use Program thumbnail

    Vermont’s Current Use Program

    by Dave Mance III | June 26th 2009
    Vermont’s Current Use Program is one of those rare pieces of legislation that garners high praise from both the left and right side of the…

  • Why Hire a Forester? thumbnail

    Why Hire a Forester?

    by Dave Mance III | June 19th 2009
    So the other day a mass mailing went out to landowners in Corinth, Vermont from a timber harvest/tree removal company in New Hampshire. The company…