Northern Woodlands Co-Founders Honored With 2011 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

Northern Woodlands Co-Founders Honored With 2011 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

From left to right: Justin Johnson, the Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, Virginia Barlow, co-founder of Northern Woodlands, Deb Markowitz, the Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, Stephen Long, co-founder of Northern Woodlands

The founders of Northern Woodlands magazine, Stephen Long and Virginia Barlow, were recently honored with the 2011 Vermont’s Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. Long and Barlow have made Northern Woodlands a leading voice in advancing the concept that a working landscape and ecological integrity are not in opposition. This approach to forest stewardship has informed Northern Woodlands’ work since it published its first edition in 1994. It provides landowners with the tools to manage their woodlots for wood products without compromising the ecosystem services these forests provide, including clean air and water and diverse habitat for wildlife. The working forest is of tremendous value to local economies and culture, and by participating in an informed way in those uses of the forest, landowners can help ensure that this forest stays intact and continues to be the complex ecosystem that nurtures us all.

Deb Markowitz, secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, presented the award in a ceremony at the State House on June 30.  The Vermont Governor’s Awards were established in 1993 to recognize the actions taken by Vermonters to conserve and protect natural resources, prevent pollution, and promote environmental sustainability. Long and Barlow won in the Education & Outreach Projects category.

Northern Woodlands magazine is published by the Center for Northern Woodlands Education, a not for profit based in Corinth, Vermont. Executive director Walter Medwid said, “Steve and Ginny have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the organization’s mission. Building the readership, maintaining journalistic independence, establishing high standards for writing, editing, and magazine quality in general, building a network of outstanding writers and artists, and doing this for over 17 years is an indication of the remarkable dedication these two individuals have shown.”

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