Northern Woodlands Launches Fundraising Program For Maine and Massachusetts Schools

Northern Woodlands Launches Fundraising Program For Maine and Massachusetts Schools

Northern Woodlands magazine has launched a pilot program this year, seeking to raise money for environmental programs in Maine and Massachusetts schools. The purpose of this effort is to provide a simple, high margin opportunity for schools to fund environmental education projects, for example, field trips, school gardens and wildlife encounters.

The concept is simple. Schools can sell regularly priced one-year orders of Northern Woodlands magazine and keep $10 per subscription sold. Schools interested in participating should send an email or call 802-439-6292 for more information.

“This is a much better deal for schools than the average gift wrap or bake sale fundraiser,” notes Elise Tillinghast, Executive Director of the nonprofit Center for Northern Woodlands Education, which publishes Northern Woodlands magazine. “We’re able to provide this opportunity thanks to generous support from donors.”

In Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Forest Alliance (MFA) is co-sponsoring the program. “Too many students are disconnected from nature, and the ecological diversity our state has to offer, not to mention the many important natural resources our forests provide” explains Jeff Hutchins, Executive Director of the MFA. “This is one small way thatwe can help schools bridge that gap.”

Founded in 2012, the Forest Alliance was established through the combination of the MA Forest Landowners Association, the MA Wood Producers Association, and the MA Association of Professional Foresters. It represents forest landowners and industry professionals, provides continuing education and public outreach opportunities, and advocates for a strong, sustainable forest economy in the Commonwealth.

If you would like more information about how to set up a fundraising campaign for your community’s school, please contact the Northern Woodlands office at 802-439-6292. Email inquiries may be sent here.


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