A New Book from Northern Woodlands

A New Book from Northern Woodlands

More than a Woodlot: Getting the Most From Your Family Forest
By: Stephen Long
With: Virginia Barlow, Irwin Post, Michael Snyder, Charles Thompson and Chuck Wooster

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The Northeast has relatively little public land, and 80% of the woods that surround us are owned by individuals and families in small parcels averaging less than 50 acres. Many of today’s forest owners want to take a more ecological approach to managing their woods, and they feel right at home with a new, more natural, style of forestry that’s focused on the forest and not just the trees. More Than a Woodlot introduces readers to this new forestry and turns them on to the world of possibilities.

Written by the founders of Northern Woodlands magazine along with four of its regular contributors, More Than a Woodlot guides landowners who want to cut their annual firewood, see more wildlife, protect special places, sell timber, or plan for the future of their land.

Readers will discover:
• How to sell timber today while increasing your forest’s long-term value.
• How to evaluate – and improve – habitat for songbirds and other wildlife.
• What to look for in a forester and a logger.
• Ways to increase biodiversity in your woods.
• The ecological and productive path to stewardship.

“Stephen Long has written the indispensable primer on what every owner of a family forest ought to know, from silviculture to taxes to estate planning, and he’s written it as Edmund Wilson admonished us all to write: with lucidity, force, and ease. Read it now so you won’t have to weep over your mistakes later.”
—Robert Kimber, author of Upcountry

“I have been hoping for a single unified text that woodland owners can use to establish their foundation of knowledge. Stephen Long and his co-authors have created just this product. Our woodlands will be better because of this book.”
—Peter Smallidge, New York state extension forester

“The Northeast and its million and a half forest landowners need this book and will benefit greatly from its insights.”
—David Foster, Director of the Harvard Forest, Harvard University

“With clear, precise, and personable writing, More than a Woodlot gives landowners not only a valuable step-by-step guide but an education of the finest kind.”
—Charles Johnson, author of The Nature of Vermont

Stephen Long is a family forest owner who manages 95 acres in central Vermont. In 1994, he and Virginia Barlow founded Vermont Woodlands magazine, which became Northern Woodlands in 1999. In his 17 years at the magazine, he wrote hundreds of stories, including columns, features, and editorials. He’s won awards from loggers, foresters, and botanists for his ability to make the art and science of forestry accessible to wide audiences.

More Than a Woodlot is published by Northern Woodlands, Corinth, VT. Click here to order your copy today!


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